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  1. Well I think I can trump pretty much everyone in here with my Maths HL and my Physics HL classes. Last year we started with 15 people in Maths HL by Christmas it was down to 5 and now in the second year it just me and my friend James. Yes that's right! Just the two of us haha While in my Physics HL there are only 3 people including myself. We started out with 4 but 1 person dropped out. Can anyone beat that?
  2. Basically it's getting to the point when i need to start serious revision and I want to have more than my notes. I asked my teacher and he recommended The Two Cities by Barber as a book to read to give me a overview of most of the Route 1 European syllabus but I was wondering if there is anything else anyone could suggest? In terms of textbooks, I know there is a Pearson's one on Medieval England but is there anything else that is more comprehensive across the whole of Europe? in essence I don't feel like my notes will be that great of help so I will need some help from books and textbook real
  3. Hey guys, I had a man form Oxford doing a talk in my college last week and he said that Oxford are probably going to be lowering their requirements for the IB. Has anyone else herd anything on this? And if that's true does anyone know where Cambridge stands?
  4. It's getting close to exam time for me (mocks that is) and I was wondering if it was worth investing in some Revision Guides? A couple of the second years, or former second years I should say, recommended the OSC HL Maths book and I also noticed they do one for HL Chem and Physics too. But I am not too sure as I know that the same publisher can make rubbish textbooks for one subject and a brilliant one for another subject. So yeah, not just the OSC any advise on any revision guides or revision in general would be vastly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I hope all you people who took the time to read this are not in IB2 and do not start exams tomorrow...
  6. Pretty simple basicaly, just want to find out what you think the hardest subject/subjects are. For me I have heard that HL Physics and Maths become pretty close to impossible in the IB2 :/
  7. Orange Juice - but only if it's Tropicana Winter or Summer?
  8. Speaking with Keel, he explained that the three possible variants for the equation are x=-0.5(y+1)=z-2 -2x-1=y=-2z+3 x+2=-0.5(y-3)=z However my equation is none of the above which is a bit worrying, so I was wondering if anyone could help with the right method. I start off with Eq1 ax + (a+d)y + (a+2d)z = a + 3d Eq2 bx + (b+e)y + (b+2e)z = b + 3e After I rearange the equations making then equate to z, giving me 2 algebratic fractions. I make those fractions equal, to cancel the z out, as keel has said in the post before. Now I cross multiply the fractions, and so I get rid of the denominator.
  9. Sorry but I think it should be Eq1 ax + (a+d)y + (a+2d)z = a + 3d Eq2 bx + (b+e)y + (b+2e)z = b + 3e Eq3 cx + (c+f)y + (c+2f)z = c + 3f right? And I have actually done that to get x=z-2 and x=-0.5(y+1) and also I got y=-2z+3 but I got this from solving example equations, and your saying that for the proof all I need to do is get to here algebratically? As for the second part I am not sure what Cartesian equations are so I will have to read through the textbook, but once I do I will try and work through the rest. Thank you Sorry and I have just noticed that if I got y=2z+3 wouldn't that be t
  10. I have spoken to timtamboy via PM and he said I should divide the starting equation by a then by a +1. So I started here - ax +(a+d1)y+(a+2d1)z=a+3d1 where "a" is the starting number in the sequence and "d1" is the difference I have done what timtamboy said so now, I got up to here - (x+y+z)/a+1 + d1y + 2d1z=3d1 and then I rearragned it to make it equal 0 and then made it equal a second equation. (x+y+z)/ a+1 + d1(y+2z-3)=(x+y+z)/ b+1 + d2(y+2z-3)= 0 But now I am really usure on where to take this, so I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, or maybe my working out is
  11. I have just recently started using IB Survival, great forum by the way, but I have noticed that they are a few topics from people wondering whether to take the IB and quite a few from people that have already taken the IB, probably bashing their head into their desk, wondering why they took it. So I thought I would make this little topic and try to help everyone out. So here are the reasons I took the IB: 1. The Challenge - It is a lot harder than A Levels, in my opinion, and I wanted to take on the challenge as I like being pushed to do better etc. 2. The Option - Coming from GCSE doing a c
  12. Yeah well I will definately try for a 7 it's just that apparently it's rare to get one :/ But at least it's nice to know they are more linient, I mean to a certain extent I think they need to be asking for such high scores. And so in your opinion it's better getting down and studying in the summer rather then looking for a summer intership or somthing?
  13. Uhu I know exactly what you mean, except where there is a will there is a way - last week I locked myself in my room and had pc phone everything off. I spent an hour doing push ups and sit up instep of studying....
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