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  1. Posting this to bump the thread... Any more comments would be appreciated.
  2. If it's any comfort, my school usually does not have students finish their EEs until about a week or two before they have to be sent in. In my grade, there are 9 diploma students (I know, we're a small group) and not a single one of us has everything narrowed down. We have our subjects and a general idea of our topics with some research done but not much more than that. I hope this can calm show you aren't completely behind, since it sounds like your school usually finishes early.
  3. I really like that idea, I think I'll explore that. Thank you so much for the reassurance. I'll be sure to not use "America" or "American" in a way that might suggest I'm talking about all of the Americas instead of just the United States.
  4. Hello fellow IBers! I've kind of procrastinated on my EE (but I'm not really that far behind the usual timeline in which my school does EEs) and for a little more assistance I decided to post in this forum. I want to do a History EE based around "The Effect of Jazz on American Culture." I know I need to narrow it down a little more and be more specific but I haven't found a way to do that yet. Any advice, or should I just scrap the idea? I've been fascinated by the cultural aspect of jazz and I wanted to spend my EE as a way to learn more about it. Thank you for any replies or advice!
  5. My class has 9 diploma students, 6 girls and 3 guys. Overall certificate and diploma students it's probably about 40 girls and 13 guys. I'm also the only male in my Spanish class.
  6. We had this discussion in TOK. We basically concluded that you are consuming something that was once alive no matter what, so in the end you are doing the same injustice. There are many animals that eat meat anyways, so why shouldn't we? The thing that sets us apart in the animal kingdom is our intelligence and ability to adapt, so why does it make it wrong to raise animals for food? (granted there is a lot of mistreatment of these animals in the US and I'm sure other places too; the concept doesn't bother me but I haven't looked into the facts of that enough to develop a strong enough feeling
  7. He believes this is Deductive logic. He doesn't even know the word semantics. I've been through it multiple times, and even drew a diagram but he insists his deductive logic is valid.
  8. My friend posted the following on facebook: "All Cats are Animals, and all Dogs are Animals, and all Kangaroos are Animals, so therefore all Cats are Dogs, and all Dogs are Cats, but not all Dogs are Kangaroos, and Kangaroos can only be Cats if the Dogs aren't Cats. Disprove me" I told him his logic was faulty and I don't feel like typing the reasons why because I've typed them oh so many times, and I feel they're obvious but he keeps insisting that he is correct. Any thoughts? My mind is exhausted as I've tried to explain it for over two hours.
  9. I play (American)football which takes a lot of time. Practice is 6 hours a day until school begins where it is then 4 hours after school. I also do a lot of weight lifting (with and without the football team), there is a lot of preparation for the sport year round. On top of that I participate in theatre, I take vocal lessons, piano lessons, a non-school choir, mathletes, and a service club. Most of these I use for CAS, but I don't really need to.
  10. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.... Kidding! Westerville South High School, Columbus, Ohio. May 2012. We were the first IB school in central Ohio, possibly in the state of Ohio. There are a few more now. My class will be either the 5th or 6th to go through IB.
  11. In my opinion it is Chemistry SL as we seem to end up doing a good amount of HL stuff too. I also take Math SL but I was recommended for Math HL so I have no trouble in Math SL.
  12. As gingeeerx stated, it seems to be more of an ethical thing. You could talk about if someone deserves to die because of something they did and how ways of knowing play into this. Look at it from different angles and you should be okay.
  13. My school has the typical 50-50-50 but they tell us not to focus on the hour counting (we do anyway!) It's incredibly easy to meet this standard though so my school requires 30 hours total during your second year.
  14. I'm not sure how TOK is run at other schools but at my school it's the easy class that lets you unwind at the end of the day. The only homework is journals responding to the assigned chapter in the book and anything day-to-day that makes you think but related back to TOK. We begin CAS the summer before the first year but you really don't need to. I am coming to the close of the end of my first year of IB and I have more than 150 hours, but a certain amount of the hours is needed during the second year so I still have to do more. It's not really a particularly fun thing for me, I just happen to
  15. In my school we only offer Music SL. We only have class twice a week over the two years, making it possible for some to take it in one year being in both the first year and second year class. This is only possible because we have it structured where the first year is largely theory and the second year is history. As for HL, I'm not sure how this would work because I don't know how much more you have to do. Most of the class does not matter too much about your instrumental skills, more of your comprehension of sheet music and what you hear. I'm fairly sure you could do it if you work hard enoug
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