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  1. It's all relative I guess (TOK). Most people have problems with Mathematics; But I feel very insecure about my French. Off Topic: In my class (7 students), we have finished SL Math except for Probability which we will start after march break. Also, we will start HL topics.
  2. Will do, thanks for the tips! Unfortunately the teacher doesn't teach but asks us to read 50pages each week and then assigns each person to do the literary analysis for some of the pages...
  3. banned for not having an absorbing enough sponge of a brain
  4. First of all, speak to your coordinator and exchange one of your subjects in for chemistry. I would suggest taking Chem HL if you want to get into Pharmaceutics. Then once you meet up with your chem teacher, ask her for references to help enhance your basic understanding of chemistry. After that its up to you and your dedication to your ambitions. I'm here to help whenever possible so don't hesitate to ask me. :-)
  5. The thing is, is that I completely understand everything that is happening as I read the story and am later able to easily write a summery or an essay on any section of macbeth, but when the teacher asks me to write the figures of speech (ie. Simile METAPHOR, ...) I usually miss some and get some metaphors wrong... Really don't know how best to tackle this problem, which is really intensifying my IB stress levels! Greatful for any help given to me!
  6. drake, what did you mean by water being a ligand?
  7. Thank you King! Only problem left is I can't download the link you put there...
  8. Banned for having a sig picture indicating the time left until your IB exams.
  9. banned for noticing (was chatting lol, funny how one's mind subconsciously does things without the person noticing.)
  10. acoustic Apple or Microsoft?
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