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  1. Im doing a project on how to become a successful IB candidate. and since we are all IB candidates, I would like to know your thoughts and opinions on this. What do YOU think students should do to become a successful IB candidate? Any ideas you come up with is fine! Thank you for your help
  2. thanks. i tried doing that this morning as a practice! You're right, its much more enjoyable and easier to write in your own way. thanks!
  3. i think im ready for French B HL, Jap ab because i studied. but im so worried about English Ab. I guess in order to do well with exams especially when they're coming up real soon is to stay focus and study what you've learnt. Another key point is to always have a positive attitude towards it like "I can do this!!" or "I'm gonna get a 5 or above!" I think it helps, cos if you think you're gonna fail...then you'll do bad. Just keep believing in yourself and capabilities!
  4. My teacher had a discussion with us about our Paper 1 exam that we will take on Monday. He told us that examiners usually like to see some unique style of writing. They tend to get bored of SCASI. So I was just wondering. How do you guys encounter a commentary?
  5. same as my school. as long as you don't get paid for it, the hours can be counted for CAS that's what my CAS coordinator says i really think that your school is very harsh about CAS hours at my school anything can be counted as CAS as long as you don't benefit from it financially sports are usually for active fund raisings are usually for service and creativity can be guitar lessons, shows, or dance lessons
  6. you can count half for creative and half for action that's fine as long as you don't double count it for both at my school you can do any activity you want even if you know how to do/play the activity already i find your school very interesting
  7. even though im not studying what you are studying i can help you by saying that you should choose a topic that you are very interested in remember you have to type approximately 4,000 words so if you're motivated it won't be hard choose a topic and dicuss with your teacher and if he approves then start the draft don't be scared to make mistakes! i had to change my title a few times to make sure that my topic is not too broad once you're done with draft then just turn it in to the teacher for comments you'll be fixing it for a few times thats all i can help you
  8. yes if there's few students, all IAs are sent in i was the only French B HL student so mine is sent in as well the marks from our IA is also sent in for the IB moderator its more of like the IB moderator testing the teacher more than testing our skills if the teacher grades us to high for our IA then the IB moderator will reduce both the score from our oral activity in class and our IA which is a pity actually i had a senior who stumbled on her eng IOC but recovered after pausing for a few seconds and my teacher thought she recovered well so gave her quite a good score but the IB moderator di
  9. yea this is quite an issue at my school too i have a friend who is basically fluent in spanish but is taking spanish ab which i find totally unfair i was forced to take french B simply because the teachers thought i was capable of doing it i didn't have a choice at all i only had a year and a half of experience of learning french so im studying real hard for French B
  10. my school is extremely small we have only 7 IB full diploma students but they offer French B HL or SL; you can choose, but im the only French B HL student..hahaha English B; a lot of students are taking it because most of the student population are asians there's also Japanese B HL or SL; student's choice then there's also Spanish B HL or SL; you can choose again because we're such a small school, we can choose, and the teachers will organize it for us so its quite good actually =]
  11. thank you! my friends and I went over it together. Thank you once again!
  12. I am an IB candidate of 2009. and my English teacher told us yesterday that we will be doing our offical IOPs next week so here we all are panicking and freaking out because we basically only have two days to prepare the worst part is that the teacher didn't give any advice or guidance so we really don't know what to do Im doing my IOP on Of mice and men...Im thinking of doing it on motifs and themes. Would that be okay?? Any guidance or advices?? Please help us... were desperate.
  13. You can!!! I take 3 IB language courses. I take Eng A1 HL, French B HL and Japanese Ab. I didn't want to take a music or art (because I am so not talented in this area..hahaha), so I asked my headmaster if I could take a third language instead. So the headmaster of the school asked the people in charged of IB and they replied saying that as long as the student can manage to do it, then the student can do it. So here I am studying 3 languages.
  14. [quote name='bryana_nc' post='29540' date='Dec 3 2008, 08:23 AM']since this is the presentation you need to focus it on at least three areas of knowledge. perhaps; natural science, ethics, and history? History could be a court case as an example. Ethics can argue whether if eyewitnessing is ethical Natural science can explain why emotions negatively affect our senses. Research this in depth and it could really enhance your presentation. i hope this helps[:[/quote] thank you so much!! my parnter and i will add this to our presentation.
  15. My partner and I are doing a tok presentation on "to what extent do emotions affect the reliability of eyewitness testimonies" We are going to start out with a stranger running into the classroom to steal my friends laptop and then tell the audience that its part of the presentation. we then will ask them the height of the stranger and what the stranger wore. This will show how unreliable eyewitness testimonies are.we will continue with introduction to the issue. We give two theories on emotion and memory from the psychological point of view which contradicts each other. Were thinki
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