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  1. This is rather silly actually. I can understand people like Captn Marth, but I cannot agree with them. Morals and ethics are important, but to take a hard stance with them is absolutely silly. If the world was truly black and white, then why do we have colours and shades? There are times when you report someone and times when you don't. An example of a need to report someone was if their acts could affect your potential success. i.e cheating in a formal exam. There are no if's or but's, it WILL affect you. Another person getting a higher mark will hurt your chances. As well, this is a rather
  2. Hey! I was just hoping that someone here can help me clarify just what a WIT Essay is. All we received from our teacher was a very general guideline, which was little more than a word limit and a reminder that we were writing a "literary essay". My chosen text is Crime and Punishment​ by Dostoevsky. My topic is on setting and it's establishment of Raskolnikov's circumstances, more specifically, I wish to focus on air and it's significance in showing us Raskolnikov's emotional state. But how will I go and do this? All I know is that I have to write. I'm not even sure what to write about, or if
  3. I honestly believe that the real problem lies in the fact that many Feminists believe that Equality = Same. They can't get around the fact that men and women are equal, but NOT the SAME. Women are naturally physically weaker; it's not just conditioning. Do I have a penis because of conditioning? Or will I be able to have babies if I condition myself to? Maybe it's time we started realising that to be treated equally isn't the same thing as to be treated like you are the same. Men and Women aren't the same.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I enjoy Art, so I'm going to stick with that. I guess I can always take a 4th HL - history- and just take Chem and Math AP. ...Maybe...
  5. I'm just starting IB this year, and I have absolutely no idea what to choose. I'm currently taking Physics HL, English HL, and Arts HL. I'm really hoping to get into either Architecture or Law in University, with Engineering as a back up. Is Art HL worth the time and effort put in? I know a lot of people who say it is a huge amount of work, and not very worth it. Should I drop it and take up another Science? Or take History HL. (I'm actually done gr. 12 Chem, so will that help me in Chem HL?) Any opinions?
  6. I really wish we had a dislike button right now. Don't be a prude. It's nice to be honest and work your ass off and get into a good University. It's much more intelligent to work smarter and use half the energy to get in.
  7. Do what I'm doing. Supposedly American Universites don't force you to declare your major. Take an easy course you are good at and excell at it. Apply for a major that is based on your HL courses, say you are taking them, get in. And declare a different major when you have to.
  8. I assume because in Chinese A1 and A2, you are trying to learn how to read the language, which is written the same- either traditional or simplified- throughout the country. On the other hand, in language B you are trying to learn how to speak the language. You have to choose either Cantonese or Mandarin, though I'd be surprised if Cantonese is offered. Cantonese is alot harder to learn to speak than Mandarin. Officially they are dialects for political reasons, but linguisticly, they are seperate languages. This means that although you can understand each to other a small extent, you wi
  9. Anything by Teresa Teng. An example is Wo de Xin or 我的心
  10. Thanks for the help! About taking another Science Hl, I'm actually already done GR 12 Chemistry because I skipped a grade in Science and took it in the summer, so I'm thinking Chem HL can't be 'too' bad. The problem is that I'm reluctant to give up HL Art, as it mgiht be my only leverage to get myself into a top notch Ivy league school. (I can't compete in Math or Science, as there's too many gifted Asians out there) That's why I'm left in a connundrum, and as I have no siblings in IB before, I have no idea how hard each course really is. I'm planning on taking AP chem if I'm not taking
  11. Hmm... I'm wondering if it's OK to stick my schedule on and ask for opinions as well. English HL Math Enriched Sl (It's just Math SL but for people who already did gr 11 Math) History SL (might decide to take HL) Art Hl Physics HL Japanese AB initio SL Is it too easy? I'm really hoping to go to the States for Post-Secondary, but I'm worried my Schedule is either too light or looks like crap. Should I take a Science instead of Art? Help please!
  12. Microsoft Word 2011 actually has a math writing function. Never bothered to figure out how it works exactly, but I believe it's just a simple "fill in the blanks."
  13. I don't quite get what you are asking. Are you an American who doesn't study the American curriculum, because you are in IB? Or are you a foreign student. Either way, Canada doesn't use the SAT or the ACT. Admission is completely on grades, for better or for worse. The AdCom won't know how to process them. But you might want to check up on that.
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