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  1. Can someone "prt sc" his results? To know what it looks like in the web site ^^? Thankk you
  2. Hi every one, I would like to know if your predicted grades were similar to what you've got in your IB exams?? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone! I'm actually doing my TOK presentation on the golden ratio and I don't know how to structure my presentation. Also, what can I said on this ratio in terms of TOK thing (if you know what I mean lol) Thank you for everything
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering how to put a picture in the portfolio of the screen of the calculator TI-84? To show some calculations... Thank you
  5. Hi everyone I was wondering, if it is possible to pay for being VIP with priceminister? Thank you
  6. Yes the programm is allowed during the exams... They don't delete the originals programs
  7. X1= 0.31..... X2 = 0.31.... X3 = -0.81.... X4 = -0.81..... (Poly.SMLT - Ti-84-Plus)
  8. e^2x (9e^2x -1 ) = 0 So e^2x = 0 ==> x=0 And 9e^2x -1 = 0 e^2x = 1/9 2x e^ln = ln (1/9) 2x = ln 9^-1 2x = -ln 9 x = (-ln 9) / 2 S= ( x = 0; x= (-ln9)/2 or -1,10) I'm not sure it is the right answer..
  9. I hate classical music, I like pop/rn'b =D What was your last grade on maths?
  10. Mine are: Maths and Spanish
  11. As I'm taking Maths HL and Physics HL, I think that THE MOST difficult one is Maths... It ask so muchhh work. Well difficulty depends of you, it depends on how your brain works x) In Physics, you just have to lots of exercices.
  12. We have to find and post pictures with the next number. So, I start: The next one is two and so on
  13. Maths HL is pretty hard actually, I start last year by maths studies with a 3.5 average and I move at the end of the year in standart with a 6 (I worked a lot) and this year I'm in Maths HL with an 5.5. I had that grade in maths studies because there's no challenge. I worked a lot to have an 5.5 in maths HL. Good luck with your choice, it depend if you like challenge or not So good luck with your choice
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