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  1. I'm currently taking: -HL Math -SL Business & Management -SL French (I hate this. Also I'm in my last semester of French) -HL English
  2. As the end of Year 1 gets closer, my parents get really stressed and prefer to listen to friends of theirs instead of me and the Waterloo website. So I have to ask, since IB marks aren't received until after the IB exams in May of Year 2 and university applications should be filled out around november-december, how will universities see my Grade 12 IB marks instead of my Grade 11 marks? Also on the Waterloo website: http://findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca/admissions/international.php?id=7 it mentions something about my IB marks. But as my parent's friends have told them, universities look at my grade
  3. I'm interested in applying to Waterloo next year for engineering and the requirements for most of those courses are: 2 Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English. At the bottom there's this note: Admission averages are based on previous years' entering classes. Your admission average is calculated using your top 6 Grade 12 U or M courses, or equivalent, including all required courses. I'm not sure what that means, and my biggest concern is my French mark. It's not the greatest and I'm worried that it'll affect my admissions.
  4. I want to apply to Waterloo for one of their Engineering programs (I'm nearing the end of Year 1 IB) but I have a few questions. I plan on taking a campus tour during March Break to get a feel of it (my friends who've been there love it). It seems that every teacher or person I've talked to gave me a different answer when I ask which marks universities look at (Grade 11, 12 etc). I want to know how marks are viewed by universities in general ( which marks count for the most and least). Also, being in IB I get have my fair bit of stress which doesn't bother me at all or I'd have quit IB already
  5. My french oral's tomorrow and I'm stressing out because I have no idea how hard its going to be. My topic is "The Tour de France."
  6. It's exam time! Not IB exams per se, I go to a normal high school in Ontario with only about 13 other IB students so I still have to take normal Ontario exams for each of my subjects. I'm curious, who else is in about the same situation as me? To me it seems like everyone goes to a dedicated IB school.
  7. Haha, okay I guess I'm going to change my topic. My old one was the effects of Feynmanium (Element 137) on Einstein's Theory of Relativity and something about time travel thrown in...Sounds like I found a science fair project though!
  8. My extended essay is based on a unsolved chemistry problem that's existed for quite a while. I'm looking to do a scientific inquiry since its physically impossible to actually conduct this experiment, I'm merely trying to find the implications of the problem. From reading these forums and hearing from previous IB students, I know that doing an EE on the sciences is hard and English or History would be much simpler. For that reason, I can't seem to find any advice on doing scientific inquiries for an extended essay. Does anyone have any advice for a scientific inquiry EE? Thanks!
  9. Well lately my parents have been complaining about pretty much everything I do whether it's going to parties (not the stereotypical drug and alcohol kind of parties) , getting a job, talking to friends, doing anything that isn't school related, enjoying my christmas break etc. Worst of all, they're constantly nagging about university and how I don't think about it at all and I'm going to live on the streets when I grow up. I do think about university all the time and no matter what I say, they have a one track mind, I can't change their opinion! I'm in Year 1 IB and my marks are decent (one mi
  10. I'm in first year IB and my parents have been nagging me to get a job and I honestly want one (I can handle workload issues with IB). But I don't know how to get a job which seems to be a big problem. Most of my friends work at grocery stores which don't ask for a resumé but I'm not sure how to apply. Do I just go in store and ask? If so who do I ask and how? Any experiences would be appreciated (I'm looking into Best Buy, Future Shop, Chapters, or a grocery store). Thanks in advance!
  11. French is far from my best subject and I know that I need help with it. Hypothetically, if I were to relearn french from a grade 9 level (I'm not that bad at french but any review is good) to a grade 11 SL French level, how would I go about doing so?
  12. I'm in Year One IB and I'm stressed about my marks, especially my Language B, French. In both Chemistry and Biology I understand most if not everything taught in class but when it comes around to tests, I blank out. I need to learn how to study for these two sciences but more importantly how to remember them as if they were general knowledge, not something that I'll forget after a day or two. I'm fine in English and I think my mark will go up as the year ends but I'm really worried about french. French is my third language and I was never really good at it, but I know how to use Passé Composé,
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