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  1. Hmm seems like the defeat of the Central Powers is a popular question. I also did it. The others that I chose were the Balkan nationalism question and the reasons behind Mussolini and Hitler's rise to power. I couldn't believe there were no questions about the Spanish Civil War, Franco, Bismarck and Adenauer. I lost too much time on preparing those. But I'm still happy with what I wrote on. =)
  2. That was a very important question I've wanted to ask you guys. Our teacher told about different historians' views this year. However, I'm pretty sure that he himself would not be able name two historians stating different interpretations of the task given (knowing that he taught us another method, other than the OPVL, for analyzing cartoons last year). I mean you should be REALLY into history and remember what some historians exactly say about a specific event.
  3. Hmm... Let's see what others have got, though my answer is likely to be wrong.
  4. Yes, I unfortunately agree with you. It was about a die and probability of getting two white balls from either Bag A or Bag B. In the remaining 5 minutes I found 5/21 for b), and 1/21 for c) and I'm not sure about them.
  5. In my opinion, it was one of the easiest P1. Nice to see that most of my results are the same with you guys. I think we only disagree about question 6. I also got n = 14. By the way, do you guys remember what you got for probability question (9)? Especially for b) and c)?
  6. I chose the prose, though I'm unsure of my interpretation. I can share my ideas with anyone who has done it.
  7. Hello. First of all, congratulations that you've finished your Paper 1 English. I know exactly what you mean, but I'll give you an example that our teacher showed us before. There was a candidate who mixed up the name of the main character about 2-3 years ago. Instead of writing Gerta, she wrote Greta. The end result was a 7. So, I hope they'll not hold this against you. =)
  8. Yes :/ NP is as afraid as I'm regarding the English A1 HL exams...
  9. Around two pages, though I have small handwriting. I think funny10sport's suggestions are very useful, and multi-tasking, as well as the others, is the one that saves some time for me. Good luck!
  10. I don't know to what extent the link I'm putting here holds true for 2012 examination session, but according to it both of us (I also have 20/25) are getting a 7 on the IA. http://chc.wrdsb.ca/sites/chc.wrdsb.ca/files/History%20Subject%20Report%20May%202010.pdf
  11. Your TOK Essay is written outside of the class. And you're right. Only the essay and the presentation count for your grade in TOK, nothing else.
  12. You should have an USB cable (it should be provided to you by your school or when you purchase the calculator) and TI Connect software. Once you have those two you can take screenshots of your GDC and put them into your task.
  13. Oh, I thought you meant the significance of the geographical location. That was my response based on. Sorry for misleading you. Um, I'm actually not familiar with South America and I cannot suggest anything else. I'm just curious. What is the connection between the novel and the Latin American flora, etc? Because we've never considered that in class.
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