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  1. Well tell you the truth, B.A. programme at HKU is not that good, and hall life there is worse (unless you're into Asianised Oxbridge hall life)
  2. Me neither for both of your statements, however, you still have time to consider since the admission deadline is around Jan/Feb!
  3. Haha don't worry MinaDoan, actually in my class, myself and another girl did not have Vietnamese Literature education for straight 5 and 4 years, but we managed to do just fine (as I told you everyone got 7 in my class). Other people they attend our international school so they still get taught and assessed their Viet every school year until IB. I went to Nguyen Du too, but left after Grade 6 (6P1 if you still remember what that means haha, majoring in French lol). Okay that's just trying to calm you down about Vietnamese, because it's actually a very easy course to get a 7 (at least in SL).
  4. Not sure about this, but I think the chief examiner resides in Singapore All 9 Vietnamese A1 SL candidates in my session got 7 (We don't have any HL candidates in my session)!
  5. Usually exchange programmes are fully taught in English, otherwise it would be a pain the neck for all exchange students expecting to earn their precious credits lol!
  6. If your grades are good enough to apply the above 2, then I believe there are plenty of US & UK unis would offer scholarships. I know that some unis in the UK specifically have scholarships for Hong Kong students, and in the US there is a very good liberal arts uni called Berea that will allow you to study & stay for FREE. Anyway, you already know how to write trad. Chinese so you've almost aced the hardest part in learning Japanese!
  7. Yeah, Paul Hoang IBID was good to help me achieving a 7 in SL, but honestly I find a lot of ideas not so applicable (especially when he listed the advs and disadvs)
  8. Unlike our Norwegian member, knowing Chinese already is a good start so please do not hesitate to further your Japanese language education if you are really into the idea of going to Japan for uni. May I ask why such a limited options for uni destinations?
  9. All members are right about the Japanese proficiency requirement. If you really like Japan, I personally think an exchange year will be a great experience. I have a friend who was accepted to Uni of Tokyo but she would have to complete Japanese courses to reach a certain level first. Honestly, I can't see myself learning a completely new language to write a decent dissertation although I'm going to Minor in Chinese. So yes, think twice!
  10. Haha such a withdrawal symptom, I was like "What is DEC portion on a lab?" haha. No you don't need a literature "value" at all, because if you list it, it sounds like you just copy the design & results from somewhere. I suggest sources like textbooks, course companions (Internet links are okay, too) that you can find statement like "By increasing the moisture -> releasing more energy". Sorry if it is not clear enough because I'm not entirely sure what you are doing. Hope it helps though!
  11. Providing PIN code to access online results are not officially allowed by IBO. If everything else fails, print off your own results, go to school, get it stamped and send it off directly from your school! Easy peasy!
  12. Aquarius

    LSE Government

    I took... HL History of the Americas (6) HL Swedish A1 (6) HL English B (7) Yes, English B is a pretty weak subject but at least I got a 7 in it. Mother tongue and History are good subjects, and don't worry about English B. Actually obtaining a 7 in Eng B HL is quite an achievement, I know it's very hard. But I suggest you not to narrow your choice to LSE. Trust me, I've seen many Oxbridge students experiencing LSE rejections~
  13. Aquarius

    LSE Government

    What are your HL subjects? I personally think the more related to social sciences, the more chance you have (like English A1, History, etc). Also some previous uni credits can boost your chance! But please bear in mind 37 IB points are the minimum requirement and I somehow find the admission process unpredictable. I applied for a course that has 7-10 intakes per year with same entry requirement as BSc Government, got positive feedback for my PS and was predicted 44. They made me wait until the very last day of the admission process (end of March) for a rejection!
  14. The application period of non-local students for public HK unis starts around October - November and ends in February. I don't sit the Nov exams but I think the results of Nov exams will be released in January. Either way you're fine with your application I think, but just make sure you ask them thoroughly! Even though I did not apply to HKUST, I did inquire them about a course I was interested in and they were really nice answering my questions. This applies to other HK unis too. And if you set your heart in HK already, try to research & apply to other unis like CHKU, CityU or my uni HKP
  15. Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni. I know, it's not something on par with HKU or HKUST. But since I'm doing Hotel Management, it's only ranked after Cornell globally so I'm happy enough. I'd definitely love to hear a update from you as well
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