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  1. I also did the TZ1 Paper, the one with the Butterfly poem. To those who also wrote on the poem: At the end, I'm pretty sure he didn't kill the butterfly? A lot of people capture creatures and put them in jars for display. I'm almost certain that's what happened in the end. I thought the exam was pretty good. There was a lot to talk about with the poem, especially concerning larger themes and connections to the human nature and spirit. I was satisfied
  2. I have no idea where to look. My teachers do not have them, and I've looked all over the net. I need to find the objectives for: Math SL Physics HL English A1 HL French ab initio History HL TOK Film SL Thanks so much! If you can't find all of them, that's okay. The most important ones are on the top.
  3. What do you think? The article that I have from the UN Chronicle is from online, but when I go to see if it exists in the archives, I only get searches from 1997 and onward- my article was written in '93. I am conflicted.
  4. My school doesn't bother counting... I was told the new IB didn't care about hours. We would automatically get our 150 hours as long as we did 3-4 hours of a CAS activity every week.
  5. Salut tout le monde! Hmm, si je veux placer un accent, peux- je? Alors, je m'appelle Iyarusalem, et à l'école que je vais à, il y a le francais "ab initio". Ma compréhension dans le francais est devenue bien forte après cette année. Je vais aller dans le douzième année. Uhh, oui! Je préfère à parler en francais qui écrire mais je pense que mon écriture est bien aussi. Puisque c'est les vacances d'été, j'oublias de francais. C'est ca. Merci pour lire cette entrée, même si c'est horrible! (Can you tell I'm going to fail this IB exam...)
  6. That's the common belief. Although I AM an introvert. But I don't think that necessarily applies to all smart people.
  7. It isn't. Oh good. cause gbiftu thinks it is. Merci pour le, uhh, "clear up". And thank you to everyone else! BIG help.
  8. Thanks so much! A couple of questions: Math- what are the differences between the two exams? Physics- I have no idea what those internal assessments are! Anyone want to tell me? (please? ) Thanks again!
  9. Okay so the teachers at my school are horrible and I have NO idea what exams I will be writing next year OR all the internal assessments I need to finish. So I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to inform me =) These are the subjects I'm taking (I'm a full IB student anticipating the diploma): Math SL History HL English A1 HL Physics HL Film Studies SL French Ab Initio TOK I'm already aware of the following INTERNAL assessments: Group 4 History IA Film IS Final Film Math Portfolios TOK Essay and Presentation WL Paper 1 I don't know the internal assessments for Physics, French, and I'
  10. I really enjoy CAS. So far, we've created a Halloween event for children under the age of 10 at a major recreational center in our city, we organized a choir to sing at senior homes for Christmas, I started up a Cinema Club where we make movies promoting either the school or important global events, my friend has set up an ESL talk at our school where they talk about different teenager issues that we face everyday, we created the first Council of Academic Achievement at our school which promotes academic achievement, we participated in a proposal to change the whole education system in our pro
  11. My dream has been Harvard since forever. I really pray that I get it.
  12. I'm currently taking IB film- I've just finished my first year. I say go for it! It's super fun, especially if you have a passion for film-making. I know that I do enjoy the class and have learned even more skills from taking it. It's inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and take risks and learn from my mistakes. That's what film is all about. Cheesy, I know, but soooo true. And as the previous posters said, no exam at the end of the year. Win-win situation bud.
  13. Banned because you take Spanish and I'm jealous. Powned.
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