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  1. In all honesty, it is crossing the line, although the point of IB is to express yourself. If you have trouble deciding on a theme, my teacher made my do a self portrait thing at first - find my interests. I do a lot of portraits of women in particular so I explored feminism. Perhaps if you find out a subject in specific you enjoy working on , it might help you reach a decision. Maybe combine ideas from other subjects. Your theme sounds pretty awesome though! As long as it has a good context based on strong research and reflection, you should be fine. Not sure if that helps but I'm quite hap
  2. My teacher said the DELF level B1 is very similar to French B. I did the DELF B1 and it was quite similar. Even the speaking bits had very similar criteria.
  3. Thank you so much! I need to work on mine right now and this will prove to be incredibly helpful!
  4. Woahh. Well we're the first graduating class since our school opened up in 2007 and well, we were always the oldest/highest grade. Now we're down to 9 IB students including me: 8 diploma and 1 certificate. The smallest classes would be the Arabic, Chinese and German class which has one student each. For French B, I'm the only one doing HL out of 3 students. Most of my classes have 3 people in it . We're a teeny group, really.
  5. This doesn't just apply to history but it really helps when there's a lot of content to remember. The lesser it looks, the easier it is for me to study. I make mindmaps and write with really teeny handwriting but it just works for me! While I'm mindmapping, I'm revising and then later I read through everything again.
  6. We studied Othello this year and I'm quite intrigued by Shakespeare. Definitely agree with his portrayal of characters. In Othello, I particularly liked the Willow scene with Desdemona and Emilia. Although I found his language difficult to understand at first, I love how poetic it can be. The soliloquies can be really eloquent too.
  7. Well it took me around a month or two to come up with a basic idea of what my theme was gonna be and it sort of grew from there. It's better to pick a theme early but you can spend time until you figure out what you feel really strongly about. The more focused, the better. I don't think a theme is necessary. One of the girls in my class doesn't have one but it helps to have one since it's easier to find a purpose or reason behind it and your art is more likely to have a great concept behind it! I guess you'd be able to pick one in 12th if you would like to! It helps to brainstorm with mindma
  8. I did a Photoshop piece and I documented every single process right down to adjustments in brightness and contrast. Then using before and after shots too! The more steps you document and explain/evaluate, the better So. You on DA then?
  9. J'ai un examen de Français a Dimanche .. pour pratiquer pour l'oral présentation (je n'est pas tres sur qu'est ce que nous faisons pour notre IA maintenant. Meh) Ahh bon! Je suis vraiment jalouse! Si j'allais pour quelques vacances, je serais très heureux aussi. Cependant, je pense que nous allons faire quelques décorations pour Noel ce weekend. Alors, Bonnes vacances! N'oubliez pas nous dit sur tes vacances!
  10. Comme si, comme ça. Demain, j'ai un examen d'art. J'ai trop de travail maintenant. Et toi?
  11. OOoooh, these sound so intriguing I'm doing Feminism - Oppression and Progression I guess.
  12. Raffles International School! Graduating May 2012 *headdesk. Exam schedule out too x|
  13. I'd have loved to do Psychology It's not offered in my school. I'm also pretty bummed out that I couldn't do Business. Was in the same block as Art
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