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  1. you have to find a,b,c and d using period ,amplitude and etc.... the last question I do not understand very much...you are talking about whole period between 1980 to 2006? or what? honestly i did not use tangent function in this IA... :/
  2. yep but be careful because they want to find these values analytically...without technology...and for the last one i think it is cosine function...but im not sure...
  3. yep....i got same...and if you plot this line on graph you will see that it is best fit curve...
  4. when you find correct functions and parameters (a,b,c and d) you have to find best fit curve first using technology then analytically...
  5. ok...thanks a lot and sorry for interrupting you...
  6. ok desy, i get it...they are all constants...and i figured out how to find values of a,b and d analytically...but how do i find value for c without using technology...that is my problem... can you give me formula for calculating c from this function? :/ Yakuza... for the period between 1980 and 1988 i used cubic function...use TI or some computer program to plot the data and use cubReg to find a,b,c and d or look at previous posts from Desy if you need to find these values analytically.
  7. I do not get it....(( these formulas for a and d, are they correct? if I write that c= b*x - sin^-1((y-d)/a) is c constant? :/
  8. yes...but how to find analytically value of c? for example..d=(max+min)/2 a=(max-min)/2.... c= ? am i right?
  9. ok, i know how to find a,b and d...but how do I find c?? is c constant? ://// because if i write like this (y-d)/a-sin(b*x)=sin C. it is different for different values of x and y.....:/
  10. I will try that later on...and if i get some troubles I will post them here...)) one more time..Thank you...
  11. Than you Desy...i think that i will figure out how to find a,b,c and d....now do you have hints how to find values for sine function?...
  12. I want to model first table..where I got cubic function....using TI-84 i got values for a b c and trough cubicReg but how to find them analytically?
  13. can you give me any hint how to find these values? thank you
  14. Hi I have one question....does analytically means "without using technology?"...our teacher said that, but we can not figure out how to find values for a,b,c and d without technology... Thank you...
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