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  1. If you can write an essay and learn about general historical topics, I think History SL is the way to go. This is coming from a History student though, decided to drop to SL because I didn't need the 4th HL and it was honestly pretty easy. History people tended to do better than economics at my school, and I'm not sure how our Geography students went. Neither history nor Geography were well taught, but history seemed to just make more sense generally.
  2. The other substances would probably dilute the acid more than a carefully measured laboratory sample of the acid.
  3. I do think bad teachers exist, but I don't think that it is necessarily an excuse. I reckon it's tough if you are not passionate about a subject and you get a bad teacher who you don't really like, as it is a recipe for a lack of attention. My history (originally HL, dropped to SL) teacher was horrendous. She REALLY knew Stalin and how to write a good essay (so subsequently, so did we) but her time management was really the worst I've ever seen (even comparing some students). She had timed the course so as to START Paper 3 topics for HL after the mock exams... in the end the HL students were e
  4. I did yoga twice a week. Just having that time that I MADE myself go to (unless I was too exhausted in which case I used the time to sleep) - I always had that little bit of time to properly relax and chill out, and I found that that really helped me calm down with my stress. Find a sport/activity that is similar, perhaps? Always good for CAS anyhow...
  5. History SL is really easy if you're good at/enjoy history. History HL (which I did) was definitely harder than Geography HL for the people at my school. By far! I found math SL really easy. Maybe I'm built like a human calculator ? Theatre HL really isn't too hard if you're willing to put in a lot of work for the essays - it isn't hard, but it is work heavy. And even if you're not a good actor (as some in my class were...) they can get away with it as the class is completely assessed off the written assessments. Having a love of theatre helps though because especially in the oral it comes out
  6. Nearly everybody I know who had problems had those problems with logging in go away if they used mozilla.
  7. English A1, I adored the essay and stuck quite closely to the guidelines and I ended up getting my A, so I'm thrilled
  8. HL: Theatre - 6 (Yay!) English A1 - 6 (Very happy, but would have LOVED that seven!) Chemistry - 5 (I passed! Paper 2 was horrendous but I passed! I found chemistry tougher and tougher as IB2 went on, but I got what I was predicted, not anything higher unfortunately, but at least I didn't go down!) SL: History - 7 (Yay!) Math SL (not studies) - 6 (Bit disappointing, but paper 2 was a struggle for me.) French B - 6 (woooo! I was predicted a 4/5!) Extended Essay: English A1 - A (THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IS THE IB LOVING MY ESSAY AS MUCH AS I DO! I was a tad worried that having written i
  9. I'll update this when I know my grades for real, but I'm currently predicted an A in my English A1 EE. Fingers crossed the examiners agree! Of the six others my supervisor is supervising, I know one other person is predicted an A, and the others are all Bs I think. I don't think we have any Cs
  10. I saw that your exams aren't this May, but next May. So, I wouldn't say you're behind at all! My class, I know we're behind - what we focused on in the first year was ensuring we'd done all 3 roles (which not all of us managed to complete, me include, fun times...) and then this year we should be done with our research investigations by now (by my original teacher's timings she wanted them done by October so I'd do mine over summer if you get the opportunity). Our IPs should be planned at least if not already executed (so that's what we're focusing on at the moment), and as the PPP stimuli wer
  11. A friend and I did ours together, and we predicted ourselves 17/18, and ended up getting 14. We were a bit disappointed, and I'm really just a bit worried now that I won't be able to get a good grade overall for ToK with a C in the presentation.
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