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  1. Predicted grades physics HL: 7 Math HL: 6 Economics HL: 7 Chemistry SL: 6 English A2 SL: 5 Swedish A1 SL: 5 TOK and EE: 1 Total: 37 Accepted into: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands International Business Administration (Condition is that obtain my diploma) Don't know about swedish universities, and got rejected by the UK universities i applied to.
  2. I speak Dutch, Swedish and English, all of them fluent and so far i have only been able to see benifits about speaking several langauges that well. I admit that i am not equally good with them all, but when i use oe of them for some time i become completly used to them. The most intresting part is that me and my siblings mix languages a bit random. Mostly when we are talking about school we talk in English, and other occasions we just mix freely. Now the wierd thing starts when i speak dutch and my sister answers in Englis and we do this for like 20 minutes without notticing. Also sometimes we
  3. 1. Study for English Exam 2. Study for Swedish Exam 3. Study math... 4. Study something else 5. Study some more 6. Study Study 7. Study Study Study Study 8. STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!!
  4. In europe there is an ongoing standardizing process for the universities, it is callled the bologna process. Universities in Europe start with a 3-year bachelor programe, and after that there is most often an option of a 1 or 2 year long Master. Also if you study 100% you get 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) each year, so a bachelor degreem normally is 180 ECTS in total. This is done so that it is easier to compare between universities and courses. There are different kinds of bachelor degrees, but most common are the Bachelor of science (for example, Bachlor of scie
  5. I did Thaiboxing and brazzilian jui-justsu, totally cool combination. Now it is the last term of IB though... so completed CAS and don't have time for it anymore... (well i had more then 450 hours cas, after taking away 5 projects so it ought to be oke) But seriously martial arts rock! However, to bad some people gotta use it for thw wrong purpose...
  6. next year, so i can tell the devil that i completed his educational programe, the IB programe... Considering this, live for ever (and yes that means for ever untill the universe collapses), or die before you turn 30
  7. It is definatly possible to have 3 sciences, however, the diploma is then not considered a full IB diploma (it has some wierd name don't remember) IB allows this as some students need 3 sciences to be able to come into medicin in their home country. Often thus a social science is dropped so that the student is able to take all three sciences. Even though it is allowed most schools don't have it. I tried to convince my IB-cordinator that we ought to be allowed to do this, however, he argued that as it is not a full IB diplome, some univercity's wont recognize the diplome. So if the student choo
  8. Banned for accusing me of flooding your damn e-mail!!
  9. Banned for comming up with such an excellent ban
  10. Banned for having to many colours in your picture
  11. Banned for noticing i am stalking you...
  12. Banned because you lie on your IB survival account?
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