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  1. so this is my thesis: To what extent does sibling rivalry and maternal oppression make the ending of the House of Bernarda Alba inevitable? any ideas would be helpful. Cheers
  2. nope, if you want fully equal rights, you wanna vote like us, work like us, dress like us, do everything we can do, which i'm not opposed to then girls can get the same treatment as men when they cross the line You can't have all the pros of equal rights then fall back on chivalry and the ''oh I'm a girl you can't do that'' argument when you cross the line and make us loose our temper. that's the way the world works. Feminists cannot have their cake and eat it. I'll treat a girl ''right'' with respect and I'll be polite and helpful but that's because she my girlfriend and i like her not becau
  3. 36 students s?!?!?! thats my year and year 12 and half of year 10 in my school.... wtf?!
  4. 1984 is a good example for this essay doublethink newspeak and also the use of the words ''Big Brother'' and ''Orwellian'' in today's society are all examples i found useful.
  5. Minecraft is the reason i am failing ToK
  6. Capitalism is a morally bankrupt system but in today's world a necessary one. To what extent do you agree?
  7. worst subject ever secondly only to Spanish (and that's because i can't speak Spanish) requires the most effort and gives the most homework and only worth 1.5 points.. i call bull***t
  8. Japanese War crimes in china is a good one as are Japanese Textbook Controvosys Iranian Holocuast Controvosy and holocaust denial are all goods ones. For science it's more difficult
  9. cheers for your answer mate, that's a really good point. See I had a stack of examples ready to use on this but no knowledge issue to use them with, my draft of this was ''too much like a debate'' this is a good idea. There was a name for these 4 tests but cannot remember it's name.
  10. and why has it been able to adopt this position as the explainer of life's mysteries? Cannot find any knowledge issues nor am I able to explain the second part of this question? any help/ ideas
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