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  1. There is World Lit in Lit, and half of the Lang&Lit course is just Lit, so yes. But it should be double checked. I'm sure there are some teachers who know the syllabus. I asked one of my teachers who went to a Lang&Lit course, and that's how I know.
  2. I had to find out about the new course too, when I was deciding my options. Basically, it's half literature and half language (made apparent by its name), and involves a lot less reading compared to its counterpart. The literature side is the same as the the Lit course, just with less texts. The language side of it is about how language is used for different purposes, such as propaganda and language in media, for example. I personally thought the language part of it sounded very interesting, as it looks more at how language is constructed and used, and I think it's more technical. I have heard
  3. Re-take it! You want to re-take it anyway (since you asked), and they look at your best SAT scores anyway. (You may also improve in the other sections too, so that could be an added bonus). Congrats on your SATs scores, and good luck!
  4. Yes, I agree with you about the racism bit. (Forgot to put that in the first post!) I don't think it's racism as there is no hatred involved in this scenario, even if prejudice is involved. The prejudice is not harsh enough, and I have not seen any scenarios where someone has intentionally used the fact that a person can't speak their 'native' language against them in a negative way and used against the person. It might have happened, though. I'm sure there are other assumptions on other people, on how it is assumed they can speak their 'native' language (as Gee has demonstrated), but as I am
  5. This thread has intrigued me, as it is about how a Chinese person is taking Chinese B SL, and is worried about the fact that by taking Chinese B might hurt their chances of college admissions because of the assumption that "all Asian people speak their 'native' language", when in fact the person has only studied the language for 2 years. This is similar to how I was told by a SATs prep course trainer that if "you're name is 5 letters or less, you shouldn't be taking the Chinese SAT II". I myself am Chinese and don't know the language at all, and have on several occasions experienced the same s
  6. Fencing and jazz/dance for me! Plus skiing when it's the right time of year. I also used to do basketball, swimming and badminton in PE class, but I don't really do those sports anymore.
  7. ad astra = to the stars (in Latin) Thought I should have a little motivational name, and I like names/sayings in foreign languages. (Makes them sound cooler!)
  8. This might sound insane, but I'm quite excited to be starting IB1 in August! I got my IB subject choices back about a week ago, and it made me realise that I'm actually going to do IB. And now I can't wait to start the course despite hearing about all the hard work, all-nighters and no social life. I guess it because it's turning over a new leaf, and from the fact that I've heard that lots of people have said IB is worth it in the end. (And I think IB is a better fit for me rather than A Levels.) Is anyone else excited to be starting IB? And why?
  9. Group 1 World Literature SL/HL Language and Literature SL/HL Group 2 Chinese ab initio Bahasa Malay ab initio Spanish ab initio French B SL/HL German B SL/HL Chinese B SL/HL Spanish B SL/HL Group 3 B&M SL/HL Economics SL/HL Geography SL/HL History SL/HL Philosophy SL/HL Psychology SL/HL Group 4 Biology SL/HL Chemisty SL/HL Environmental Systems and Societies SL Physics SL/HL Group 5 Maths Studies SL Maths SL/HL Group 6 Film Studies SL/HL Music SL/HL Theatre SL/HL Visual Arts SL/HL Now that I think about, for a school who has only offered IB for 2 years (I'll be part of the 3rd set of I
  10. I'm not quite sure what career I want... It's just a possibility that I could go into medicine etc, and if I don't take Chem(/Bio) at Higher then I can't get a degree in medicine in the UK. Just trying to keep my options open, at the moment. And thanks, very helpful advice! Will keep that in mind.
  11. I think the longest fiction book I've read is Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. Not too sure, but that's the only one that comes to mind. The longest non-fiction book I've "read" is... the dictionary. (And not one of those miniature ones!) Haven't quite finished that one, yet.
  12. Kensuke's Kingdom Skellig Twelfth Night Macbeth Stone Cold Animal Farm Basically, a majority of the books I had to read for school. I didn't particularly hate them, but I remembered thinking that reading those books were such a chore. And the Shakespeare plays are better performed anyway.
  13. I think writing on paper is better, as I find for me that writing it down helps put the content through my head. But I like how digital is very neat, and you can make copies and changes of it.
  14. Not sure, but I think you may need more time. At my school, there is a SAT prep course (which I like to call the SAT cram course) and is a month long, and from what I've heard, there is a lot to do in the prep course. (Not sure how many hours of prep they do a week at my school, but I remember thinking "WHOA" when I heard the number.)
  15. The ones that most annoy me are: lose/loose their/there/they're it's/its your/you're Only the basic ones like those annoy me though. The rest, like affect/effect, aren't so bad as it isn't as common.
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