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  1. Here is a list of changes of syllabi from 2012 to 2013: (I'll list all of those that I know, even if you aren't re-taking them) Languages A1: A2 has been eliminated, and A1 has been split into Literature and Language/Literature (more information: http://www.ibsurviva...an-explanation/) Languages B: HL has extra writing parts of Paper 2 (Section A and B), both HL and SL have an additional task called the Written Assignment (a type of IA, done in class time; HL uses literature, SL uses sources like news articles based on a core topic like racism) Group 3: I think it depends on your subject, but
  2. Anyone know the extent of the syllabus change from the one back in 2012? I'm retaking some of my exams, and was wondering what I'd have to study with the new syllabus - I heard Maths is changing, so is French and English but I will not be retaking those.
  3. All but my subjects but English, so Chemistry, Biology, Maths, History, and French.
  4. So I sat my exams in May 2012, and I received the results in July. Did not do well at all, Apparently there is a complete change in syllabus for the May 2013 exams, which is why I've been trying to go for November but I don't think I'll manage to revise in time. So does anyone know how different the syllabuses are? Do I push it, and get through November retakes or wait it out and have much longer time to study for May?
  5. French, Tagalog, English What superpower would you have, and what would you do with it?
  6. Hey guys, Just a quick question my Extended Essay is in Biology and my question is "To what extent is age a factor in Reaction Time, and does doing exercise shorten reaction time?" I have gathered data, using a simple reaction time test online and I started my introduction. Unfortunately, my supervisor hasn't provided me with many references and I'm struggling to find any. I've seen example essays and it's worrying how many references they have. I would just like to be pointed in the right direction! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jonathan
  7. I have a French mock in a few weeks and we're preparing them now. I decided to do Prostitution in France. Would this be a good subject to talk about? I'm not even sure what the presentation has to be like, whether it's just us telling the teacher about it or challenging a certain question to do with the chosen subject.
  8. Oh no, I meant like the exam questions where we have to analyse graphs and stuff. Work out things, and notice trends and comment on them etc etc. :/
  9. Really not doing too well with this. Is there anyway of improving? My teacher does get us to practice regularly, but whenever she sets them as h/w I always do poorly getting level 4s and 5s. Much help would be appreciated!
  10. I've just gone through bits of my coursework, and finding this thread has helped me loads. :/ Just wanna say thanks to people who've contributed and stuff! especially that desy guy!
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