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  1. i'm sure you can do it as self-taught. but ask to your IB coordinator! and if you are taking Economic SL as self-taught I think you have really good chances of takin a 5 or 6
  2. Hi I'm also doing my EE on environmental systems and mine is about fisheries.You must introduce both systems and societies in your work! I think if you can have both of them you won't be able of getting a good grade (A or B). In my work I will put systems and societies but I will emphasize one of them (probably societies).
  3. Anyone knows when 2013 prescribed titles are released?
  4. AHAH seriously, im also doing my EE in ESS and about fisheries
  5. Why everybody does their math studies projec on statistics??? the examiners are bored with so much statistics
  6. I need some advice about this specially for reflective statement, my teacher didn't really knows how to work with the new guide for 2013 and i don't really know what and how to do my reflective statement...
  7. school days: 00.30-7.20 Weekend: it depend much on what i do on a extreme: 05.00-12.00. But normaly around 01.30-10.00
  8. My school don't offer much CAS... They give us 3 major activities and if we want we choose some activity. I don't like much their activities so i am doing my CAS almost alone with the help of supervisors and other students. I was in Azores Island during 10 days helping in a old persons house (Service). and i'm organizing activities in my school like IB football tournaments, cultural trips and music festivals (creativity) and for action i plan to do some mountain trips with some students of my school. If you want check my CAS blog goncalosantosvolunteer.blogspot.com
  9. i think you can, but its better to talk with your teacher
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