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  1. I'm sorry about your awful scheduling issues! I've taken Econ and Geography so I can give you some information on those two. 1. Economics The economic concepts were very interesting and had seemed very practical. And actually, it did have some mathematical aspects. There were many formulas to memorise, but they all made perfect sense and boiled down to plugging in numbers and solving. Also, if you enjoy studying systems, economic systems are very interesting. We focused on cash flow and other basic economic principles and how real life events effected our economy and the global economy. So,
  2. Granted but nobody else is. I wish I could dance.
  3. This is the Welcome Mat, a thread that this forum sorely needs. I have found that it is very difficult to join a forum without knowing some of the members, receiving a few tips about how it works, and just a basic "hello" to get you started on the right foot. If you're new, just post a little something that tells everyone who you are, as well as some questions you have about the site. Hopefully some kind person who's been a part of this site for a while will take a minute to tip their hat in your direction and show you a few of the ropes. I sincerely hope that the awkwardness of being new
  4. Granted but you also stop getting any other kind of mail. I wish I could live forever.
  5. Yes... an unreliable narrator is one that the reader can't trust. If it be because their morals and psychological state of mind cause them to see things differently, or if they have just made up some aspects of the story (such as in Atonement), if they only give one side of the story,or if they are more than slightly biased, they are still misleading the reader, providing them with false information and therefore are unreliable. Clearly mendacity is abundant in this tale. And though it is true that she admits which parts are mendacious, the fact that said part are made up makes her very unreli
  6. Granted but it's poisonous. I wish I was famous.
  7. Okay, so the topic description is a bit misleading... In Corrupt a Wish, the idea is to corrupt someone's wish. Someone wishes and the next person corrupts it. Ex. 1.) I wish I had a million dollars 2.) Granted but it's conterfeit. And you keep doing this until the end of eternity, or something. I'll start! I wish I had more time to sleep.
  8. Hi, I just joined and since I'm feeling kind of weird/awkward I felt the need to introduce myself. My name is Coralie. I'm from Quebec and I've been getting super stressed out about everything the IB program involves and was looking for a few tips and a bit of advice from people who are as sleep-deprived and coffee-crashed as I am. Anyway, looking for a bit of information about this site is all. Hope you'll stop by to give a newbie the time of day... and perhaps a little help with understanding how this place works. Thanks! ~Cora
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