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  1. I'm finding acids & bases to be very difficult everything in the first year (bonding, kinetics, equilibrium, etc) was so so easy to me that this worries me. I have never had a lab graded so I don't even know if I'm good at them! but my teacher said redox & acids/bases are the two hardest.
  2. a lot of the paper 2 questions seemed like they should have been given to HL... the one about indigenous political activity especially. i chose the one about smoking (health), as that was the easiest. only one person in my class chose a prompt other than that one
  3. i feel like it's kinda useless to study any vocabulary at this point. i've been looking over different letter formats (for paper 2), prepositions, and that's it really. buena suerte
  4. milk

    Hardest topics?

    I don't know if it's like this at other schools, but at my school, in the first year of IB chemistry you do chapters 1-6 and 11 of SL and HL material combined, and then in year 2 you do chapters 7-10 (SL/HL combined) and the two options. (We use the Pearson Baccalaureate HL book) What do you think are the hardest topics in SL or HL chemistry? We're on the periodicity chapter right now -___- it's not exactly "hard", just so much to remember.... but I love chemistry
  5. What does it mean when people say "anticipated"? I've never heard that term used at my school before concerning IB subjects.
  6. I think geography is REALLY interesting and I would love if my school offered it. So I'd go for geography over history. You don't just learn about maps, though, you'll learn about environmental changes, food (option), and other interesting stuff. There is some math that goes along with geography, though, so if you don't like math, history might be the way to go.
  7. I live in the U.S. and I've been to: New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. I'll soon be going to North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. I recently attended a school service trip to Santa Tecla, El Salvador over spring beak around Easter time. It was a really amazing trip because only 7 students (including me) went with two awesome chaperones. Plus, I feel like my level of Spanish definitely increased while being down there.
  8. I'm in my first year of IB Spanish B SL (it's 2 years long at my school, not sure at other places, coordinator makes it seem like it isn't). But anyway, the IB Spanish year 2 teacher said its one of the hardest courses to teach because there is no set structured topics/curriculum that have to be taught...
  9. everything worthwhile has been said already but I'm just posting to say I'm EXTREMELY jealous that you play competitive badminton
  10. well if you're that interested in it and your textbook has it you could self study it i suppose! My pre-IB Chem teacher is the IB Chem II teacher as well, and I was actually talking with her about the environmental option on Thursday. She said that it might be discontinued as an option because she's the only Chem II teacher and she doesn't have a very strong background in environmental chemistry. well if you are that interested in it and if its in your IB textbook you could self study it i suppose... i know the options for my IB chem at my school are meds/drugs and enviro. i wish we did foo
  11. that's good though because there's an environmental option in IB chem
  12. so I'm currently a sophomore, I'll start IB next year, and I plan on taking IB chemistry as one of my HLs. I've gotten high 90s (96-100+) in both pre-IB biology and chemistry but I just prefer chemistry because there isn't as much memorization as there is in biology and I actually think chemistry is fun and biology really boring! thing is though I've heard HL chemistry is a killer but teachers at my school have not really given us any warning...am I setting myself up for disaster??? help! if it makes a difference, right now I kind of want to be a pharmacist.
  13. i'm so jealous that your school has geography. i LOVE the subject and i'd be so happy if my school had it
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