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  1. I don't know the book Running in the Family either, so I can only respond from the Great Gatsby and general standpoints. If you're unsure and have the time before you have to turn in your topic, I would suggest brainstorming and writing down all the comparisons that you have, and then seeing whether it looks like there will be enough to do an entire IOP. Also, make sure that you talk about both books equally in the comparison! Don't focus too heavily on the one just because it makes the topic easier.
  2. As someone who has done a psych EE, I wouldn't suggest it if your school tells you not to. Based on what my SAM has told me, the IB is very particular about what they want in psych EEs, and if you don't have someone who knows what the IB is looking for helping to guide you, it can just turn into one major headache. (Not that EEs aren't major headaches in general.)
  3. Did he give you the rubric that will be used to grade the IA? These criteria are very important, and I also found them very helpful. (If not, they can be found here.) I think that it covers the basics; any more specific questions, you could probably ask your teacher. As far as how to start working on the problem...I generally found that trial and error was sometimes necessary. If you have no idea whatsoever on where to begin, you could ask your teacher if he feels as though he can give you a hint without giving too much help (especially if you don't understand a concept). Just make sure that y
  4. Hello! We're starting IAs this week. My teacher gave us a list of possibilities and told us to pick one, then over the weekend find who did it and turn in the original study. My group picked one with the following description: "First impressions and Primacy effects: ask participants to score a person’s maths test and then estimate the overall score on that person on Maths ability: Group A have correct answers first, then incorrect. Group B have incorrect answers first, then correct. Group A will estimate a higher score than Group B." I have searched and searched, but the only place I can find
  5. I'm assuming that you mean that students could read them to see how they could be done well. I don't know of anywhere that sells them, but I think that it might be risky since plagiarism is made a bit easier with teachers when it's a global program... (That being said, I hope that no one in IB would actually use them for that!)
  6. Granted, but it's still not enough to pay for school. I wish I would get a 7 on the chemistry exam.
  7. I feel pretty prepared for the SL Chemistry test...except that I've never actually seen one, and have no idea what to expect! Would any of you mind explaining what each of the papers is like?
  8. I found this attachment to be extremely helpful! Note: This isn't mine, and was sent to me by my IB coordinator. I do not know where she got it. WRITING A TOK ESSAY.doc
  9. Don't go with analytical; it requires some practice. Pharmacy is basically a lot of memorization, so if you're good at cramming and remembering, that one might be an okay option. Those are my two options; I can't give you advice on any of the others. Good luck!
  10. Granted, but you also lose your memory because you aren't sleeping anymore. I wish my horse would win the Kentucky Derby.
  11. Kind of a tag on to this question...on math, is one supposed to write each answer on a different page (i.e. side of the paper), or an entirely different sheet?
  12. I feel...okayish about Paper 2. Definitely not as good as Paper 1, but still all right. I also got like 0.07 on the percent thing...oh, the bucket question. That was tough. I actually liked number ten, though (and think I did pretty well on it). Overall for math I think that I got a seven on Paper 1, a low 7/high 6 on P2, and a pretty solid 6 overall...not that bad, right? Then again, I really have no idea.
  13. Search engine is winning! (Which is how I found out about it.) I think that I'd left a textbook at school and was trying to find information about the concept so that I wouldn't be totally unprepared. Lo and behold, someone else had asked about this concept as well on here. Lucky me!
  14. I hate thinking about exams right after taking them, so I might go back and read through all of the comments later... I thought that it was pretty easy overall...or at least comparable to the previous exams (I probably took a total of seven or eight paper 1 practices). Question 10, though...that one was frustrating, and I'm pretty sure I missed some points. Overall I'm thinking that I probably missed somewhere between eight and twelve points total, which I'm really happy with. But I'm not sure if I ended up making any stupid mistakes. So we will see this summer!
  15. Psychology!! Birth Order Effects and the Conservators of Tradition hypothesis-wh hoo!
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