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  1. We did Vergil, Book 6, lines 154-476; and Catallus poems 1, 4, 10, 12, 14, 42, 46, 70, 75, 87, 96, 109. I took the May 2012 test. It had Catallus 46 and 96 or 14 (I can not remember). Vergil had a passage in middle of story and end of story.
  2. how do you use Geogebra for points and then add a quartic line?
  3. Nah it's not a dumb question you better ask than going wrong Ok I cannot work it out for you but I can give you an example with different numbers: After that I suppose you know how to find b Just do it similarly to my method @evanjelly wrong equation.. y=axb How would type this equation to solve for a into the calculator?
  4. um i do not know what ib lit class i am in. i have done a op on fiela's child. a link essay on survival of austiwitz and black rain and fiela's child on a key passage.
  5. Salve


    it depends on your school. my school counts ib like ap and honors. and the 6 point scale will came when i leave to college.
  6. i love the bks that have impacted me. like black rain and house of austuwitz. sorry for sp aie; aoej ao;ifffj awe
  7. least like ib . i is wonderful but so stressful. help me help me help me. i do not mean to worry everyone on ib survival. i am going insane. i just need to relax, but i can't . help. jelp helpa ioe;ja fmelaj/ oi;i.ljnl,,ol
  8. still extremely stressed and going insane. so i should not study ib over the summer but i need to. help. help. help. ib has changed me so much. i am going insane. i am a great person but ib is killing me. help help help.
  9. what about a 89% on IA does that mean a 5 . great so close to a 6. but maybe the graders give better score than my teacher.
  10. um what would be the scores be for america 20th cent hist . in like as in each paper . thanks for any help posters. thanks . and thanks.
  11. does that mean the scoring of a 4 went down by one point. bec if it did i am happy . better chance to get a 4. 20th cent hist was my first ib exam in year one. so i was so nervous taking it. paper 1 was good but i could of done better. paper 2 worries me with its two essays. well i'll try to relax. uh recycling is on my mind. people do not recycling. plastic only become little pieces and just kills the sea creatures. it becomes part of our diet eventually. so people recycling. at my school this year we started recycling plastics. it is great. not really. people are so rude even behind my back
  12. oh i have trouble with that too. um i way have something bec we just learned that in ib year one. um are you in sl or hl?
  13. oh are the exam score for a 4 go down by 1 point. bec i was looking at another post. i am so happy if that is true. i really need at least a 4 in 20th cent am hist. hey is there any post on people talking about the exam bec i cannot find one. i tried to start my own except i do not know of to watch the thread i made or like. i still am not good at the site ibsurvival. i would appreciate help from anyone. i know i should read something about it but i have already read so much in ib world lit hl.
  14. hi i'm just finishing ib year one. my teacher is not the best. but next year i am so happy it will be a new teacher teaching anatomy... i am thinking of buying another book that could help me. i already have the pearson baccaluareate alan damon, mcgonegal, tosto, and ward book. it is orange. i am thinking of getting the oxford study guides one. would you suggest that sandwich (sp). i am also thinking of getting a bk for ib math. at school we have the one that is green for studies, blue for hl, and i'm not sure exactly the book bec we turned it in to get a seperate calc book my teacher likes mo
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