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  1. Thanks all for your input! It's really helpful! Does anyone else have an opinion they would like to share? =)
  2. the twilight years by some japanese guy. So borring! It was about an old man that had alzheimer. That was basically the plot of the book. Worst 400 and so pages of my life
  3. Introvert pros: -Usually a better listener -doesn't annoy you by babbling 24/7 (met some extroverts like that) -respect the silence cons: -No socialising (like Kapoww said) -People may consider you as less friendly -Might get stepped on their feet since they don't impose themselves enough -Might sometimes be too shy to ask questions when needed => so don't understand some things i probably could find more cons if I tried… too lazy though somes cons for extroverts: (i just have to add this) -Can be a bit to much over the top -have a lot of friends but have superficial relationships like bl
  4. Hi I speak four languages, but only read in 3 and it has come to my observation that reading a book in its original language is always the best. Although I usually do read more english books, I like to read french if the author was french as well; on the other hand I don't like to read flemish, even if it wasn't translated
  5. Thank you for the heads up! I will keep that in mind!
  6. Thanks! I definitely have to agree with you! But I'm glad you gave me two point of views. It gives me something to work with.
  7. Thanks for your opinion! Just a question: Would you give the child up for adoption or would you keep it?
  8. To be or not to be? That is the question. If you choose to be, don't choose IB. Love that one! =)
  9. [quote name=Gee ' timestamp='1315738315' post='131107] In theory,I would abort.I wouldn't want to raise a child after a rape.It would be far too traumatizing. I really don't think anyone should have to raise a child after a rape so i'd support a decision to give up the child for adoption or abort. I'm not religious and I think that people should only have children when they are emotionally and financially ready for it. What knowledge issues will you be exploring in the presentation?I think its interesting I have had some trouble formulating it, but I was thinking along the lines of: Is it ju
  10. Hi! I decided to do my ToK presentation on the delicate subject of Rape and its consequences. I would like to hear some opinions from you all (especially the girls) to help me with the presentation. If you would become pregnant after being raped would you abort, keep the child, or give it up for adoption? Why? Because of Religious beliefs or personal beliefs? I would really like to see different point of views! If you have an experience you would like to share or anything of that sorts you can also private message me. All help would be wonderful!
  11. You could maybe use some psychology in there as an Area of Knowledge? Say that the human brain works by mimicking what it sees. Just a suggestion. But i have to agree that it's a pretty complicated topic. Good Luck! =)
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