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  1. Does anyone know when will be results, I have heard is around 5 Junly or something?
  2. Question nr 40 the answer is EMBRYO, it was on past papers guys What's the answer for DNA replication? Is it adding nucleotide to the last phosphate? because any other answer seems to be incorrect.
  3. I did the water one, Water properties, water transport in plant and !!water properties for light-dependent reactions!!. My biggest concern is the third one, since it did not appear in syllabus and I was so worried about my answer, it decide wether I'm going to get a 7 or 6 in paper 2. Anyone can provide key?!
  4. Hi guys, I guess today everyone is finishing paper 3, when can we start our discussion about the papers? Either paper 1 and paper 2.
  5. I'm going to apply for medicine this year, and I had noticed that some of the medical schools in Poland requires Biology, Chemistry AND Physics. It's actually really confusing, because as I know we are only required to take maximum 2 subjects from one group I wrote email and asked about the it, and the reply I got was: "It is possible to apply for the chance to write 3 subjects, you are not able to apply for the University since you don't have 3 of them" It is really true that I can write 3 subjects at once? Or the University has no idea about the IB system??
  6. I'm going to retake my biology IA, and I'm wondering if I can use my previous lab's topics or ideas, if not, how can I come up with any lab ideas without any supervisors?
  7. I was an iphone user for a long time, last time when my iPhone just broke down, I got to buy a new phone immediately, because of the financial problems, I have to buy a cheap phone - Galaxy Ace with Android. Honestly, I'm really satisfied with it. Anyway, I highly recommend iPhone rather than Blackberry, many applications are not available for blackberriers, so somehow it's not a "smart phone".
  8. In my opinion, the thanksgiving is a terrible idea. The best presentation should be in form of advantages and disadvantages about an issue, there should be associated with your personal opinions, you should delve into a problem from different perspectives. Just to introduce sth is going to be a very poor presentation.
  9. We are suppose to write design about it. I have problem to formulate two contrasting methods. It is required to write Lab design and suggests two contrasting methods (that is ones that are based on different physical/chemical principles and hence have different inherent errors in them) to measure the solubility at a specified temperature and write a brief outline of both methods. It's my first time suppose to write a chemistry lab design, can anyone help?
  10. In Biology and Chemistry, when I'm looking for definitions or simple explanations, sometimes I look up to text book, encyclopedia, and so on. I'm wondering, can I directly refer it as my reference? Or should I write other sources, and use other sources?
  11. I think that would be really useful, cause sometimes we can't notice many mistakes that we make. I can't found a totally free online checker, can anyone help? I would appreciate any reply! Thank you
  12. Thank you for your advice, unfortunately, UBC does not accept international students. I lived in Warsaw for 5 years, and it's like dream come true to leave here, and look for a new collage life. My last option is stay in Warsaw
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