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  1. Hi, I am a May 2012 candidate in the Asia Pacific, where most of the schools are registered as May session schools. I am trying to register for a November 2012 retake, but am told that May schools can only host May exams. Is this true? Or can a May school host November retakes? Thank you
  2. For the external English A1 SL exam, approximately how long is a good, 7 score essay? I usually fill 3 sheets of paper (first 2 sheets have both sides filled, 3rd paper one side filled) but according to my teacher its not enough o.o Also, good luck to may2012 class!
  3. Thanks so much, Arrowhead. I don't know if you remember but you have helped me with my EE on Charles Dickens a month ago. I chose these two books over Dickens because Dickens was 1. too long to be analyzed properly in such a short time and 2. written in quite confusing British English. I have read somewhere that writing on a topic that is exhausted/over analyzed will not get me a good score, and so I chose to focus on absurdity and it's effects on existentialism instead of just existentialism alone. But it seems now that I will have to change the whole thing again Wow, I never thought any bo
  4. Hi, my current topic for EE in English is - Absurdity in The Stranger by Albert Camus and Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The focus will be on how the existentialism of the protagonists are amplified through absurdity. Is this how I should phrase the research question? - How is existentialism explored through the theme of absurdity in The Stranger and.... I am also having trouble structuring my essay. Any advice? Thank you!
  5. Sounds like a good plan, thanks! I've only read the abridged versions and felt a bit guilty about it, do you think reading the original long ones would benefit me in writing the EE?
  6. Ideally I'd like to work within two books (they're already very long!), so I'll compare the child heroes and adult heroes within the novels. This decision was made because I'm intimidated by the idea of adding too many books to study..but I'll be needing help on how to structure the whole thing. :/
  7. I was in the exact same situation as you, knowing that I definitely wanted to do my EE in English, but not knowing where to start. What I did was start thinking what topic I would be most interested in researching, and then searching for a book that has that theme/a literary piece that touches on it. Some people may suggest starting from a book you like, but the problem with that is that you have to make sure the book is known to have literary features and/or has not been over-analysed, leaving no space for you to create something new on the book. I also asked my supervisor just how on earth d
  8. I was interested in doing an EE on children characters and their placing in society, so my supervisor suggested Charles Dickens. Currently, my EE topic sounds something along these lines - The importance of child heroes in Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. The general idea is to research the effect of using child heroes instead of an adult ones in the novels. So should the research question be 'Does a child hero gain the same amount of importance a much as an adult hero portrayed by Charles Dickens'? I'm still not quite sure how to structure my essay. What do you guys think of this topic a
  9. This has been frustrating me ever since term started ending. I want to take up new CAS activities (join an orchestra) but I like my other activities and don't want to drop them. Or rather, some have been progressing really well and I think dropping them would be a waste. The thing is if i take everything i like up, i won't be able to cope. I know i wont have problems meeting the required hours, i do all of my CAS activities because they are very rewarding and interesting. all of them How many activities do you guys usually take on at the same time? Need advice on how to choose my CAS activiti
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