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  1. finished my summer assignments, but not EE or HI, since it was a summer assignment, although it might lessen the workload in the next few months
  2. I think I've done my first one in Feb. when my Group 4 was due. I spent 6 hours typing up my project, then another 6hrs cutting and pasting that stuff onto my board. Slept like a log once I came home. Everyone basically crashed too.
  3. I'm definitely aiming for USC for kinesiology or Cal Poly-SLO, for other UCs, something along the lines of Biology. The only thing I am for sure set on is Kinesiology. for my 2nd year: Eng. 4HL History of the Americas HL ToK Math SL Spanish SL (HL if Chem does not work out) Chem HL Can you clarify your statement of "this appeal to universities..."
  4. I did not fail chemistry as you would expect, quite the opposite. I am an IB diploma candidate and I am considering my hl to be chem, as for the only reason I would go to this extent of having took chemistry for so long. Is 3 consecutive years of chemistry appealing on transcripts? biology in freshmen year(9th grade), chemistry (regular, 10th), chem sl(11th), chem HL(upcoming senior, 12th)
  5. Buy the study guide, from G. Neuss, greenish, with a flask on the cover. Most definitely useful for the Options, crammed a lot of info for 2 hours.
  6. Took the same options. From all the cramming in 2 hours in my book Thanks to chemistry Sl/HL study book bought online(:, great savior to me a lot of my fellow classmates.
  7. when in doubt start with the 4 areas of knowledge, then greatly pick one of the four and expand into great depth.
  8. on the same level of a rhetorical question. In simple words = a question that has a lot of answers. Ex. does god exist?
  9. Thanks! Actually on Friday, Dec. 17, I am turning in my EE topic to my TOK teacher and I am thinking of using #1 as my historical investigation if topic #2 works. So basically #2 as my EE topic for economics (if my topic is correctly phrased), but when you mean being specific about the US economy, are you trying to say what part of the economy, like who/what/where was affected? Because as of right now US seems to be as narrow as I go, since I'm still not too sure of the effects myself. If I am not being narrow enough, I suppose a business approach for certain companies and their marketing str
  10. 1. The extent of the media towards the relationship of homosexuality and AIDS pandemic from 1980s to present time. 2. How did the the US economy react to the rise of 'global warming'? Suggestions and comments are needed please. I'm going to submit my topic soon. Hopefully I can get started with the actual researching after getting it approved.
  11. I'd apply both, I mean apply everywhere I mean what are the chances. Decide after you get accepted.
  12. Do you think taking some art/music class will count?
  13. I've just started, but just learned the difference between AP and IB for myself. during those AP tests all I really wanted to do was pass them instead of actually applying them which IB does. AP is just temporary, while for me IB is just much more long lasting. AP is just the dumbest crap ever, I mean passing the test, writing essays is what counts for college. IB, well, you pretty much need the how and why.
  14. You'll just be absolutely tired after practice. It's a shame I always feel so happy once practice is canceled.
  15. My life is school. It's too bad when I have free time I generally do more homework. It's the only thing that keeps me sane and sadly what makes me absolutely insane.
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