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  1. I got my detailed results today, was 2% off from a 7 in Chem and History, should I go for a remark in those two subjects? Then I will achieve a 44/45(Lol what a dream)... Was completely shocked to know that it was chemistry that brought me down 1 point!!! That's like my favourite subject. Still happy about my 36/36 in Chem EE though
  2. Probably not going to uni this year, next year either Handels or some school in London.
  3. Got my total score 42/45 today, getting detailed results tomorrow, I am soooo ****ing happy at this moment, can't fall asleep. I predict the breakdown as the following, we shall see tomorrow if these are correct. English HL 7/7 Swedish SL 5/7 Math SL 7/7 Chemistry HL 7/7 Psychology SL 7/7 History HL 6/7 EE: A ToK:B (3) Total: 42 Will update tomorrow.
  4. For Paper 2: The questions were absolutely solid, I did question 1 (Tactic/Strategic errors in WWI) and question 15(?) on the economic policies and use of force (Mao was used as an example). For Paper 3: Questions were great, I did questions on Alexander II, February Revolution and Wilhelm II's foreign objectives. There were many great questions that came up (E.g. Directory, Regin of Terror) beside those. Why are you scared ?
  5. Don't know any thing about the Health option, and absolutely nothing about the studies that you have mentioned haha But here is the complete mark scheme for that question: The command term “discuss” requires candidates to offer a considered review, supported by appropriate evidence, of one way in which cognition and physiological processes interact to affect behaviour. In discussing interaction, examples may be either one-directional or bi-directional, but candidates are not required to make the distinction. Examples of one-directional (that is, one factor influences the other factor) incl
  6. Yes, that is exactly the mark scheme that I am referring to! Regarding Speismen(1964), I really can't anwser on that, since I actually don't know what that theory is... (Ops...)
  7. According to the IB Markscheme: When Discuss how cognition and physiology interact one behaviour, the following discussion are valid. One-directional(One factor influences another) Milner on Brain damage and memory impariment(Amnesia) Davidson's research into meditation Something else that I forgot Bidirectional interaction such as Emotion (Schater and Singer/La Doux) Positive feedback loop Phantom limb syndrome(What I wrote about) So yes, meditation is valid to be discussed!
  8. I actually enjoyed the text on Camilla Clark haha, but the first text about the table was rather too bizarre and unconventional for me. Paper 2 was solid, the speech about animal experiments was a gift...
  9. TZ2 candidate here. The Section A is quite solid: for BLOA I used Martinez and Kesner to demonstrate how animal studies can inform us about human behaviours; for CLOA I used Sacks (2007) to demonstrate how the transferral between STM and LTM can be affected by damage in hippocampus; for SCLOA I just used stereotype threat (Steele(1997); Aronson and Steele(1995)). Section B was also solid, chose BLOA and discussed about Ramachandran's research on perception and pain in phantom limb syndrome. Really hoping for a high mark for this ERQ on this bizarre however interesting behaviour.... Overall, I
  10. I will be having my exams in 3 months, and I am starting my revision process now for Psychology. It came to my notice that the learning outcomes in Psychology are pretty much the exact same questions as in the exams. So I wonder if it is possible for me to do this tactics: For BLOA: Learn all learning outcomes including all SAQs and LRQs. Since it is my strength For CLOA: Only learn the two learning outcomes that are SAQs For SCLOA: Only learn the 6 learning outcomes that are SAQs Will this work or will it not? Please explain!
  11. The Power of Sesame Street to Improve Reading Phillip is a very enthusiastic elementary school teacher who believes that the best way to improve his students’ reading ability is for them to watch educational TV programmes like Sesame Street. He wants to see if watching TV can make a difference. He invites the parents of his class to a meeting and assigns the first parents to arrive to the group whose children will watch one hour of Sesame Street each day for 3 months. The other group will watch cartoons for the same period of time. He tells the parents what he hopes the results will show bett
  12. In my school, we are currently choosing which course that we will do next year for IBDP, I have always been an ambitious overachiever. However, I recently got diagnosed with a lot of psychological disorders and my psychiatrist told me to stop being ambitious and take it easy in the IB, she told me that I MUST choose the easiest course combination that I can choose. I chose IB History HL, IB Math HL, IB Chem HL, IB English Text and Performance SL A1, IB Swedish SL, IB Psychology SL But my IB-coordinator states that combination is considered to be a suicidal combination which requires a lot of
  13. To make a long story short: My friend bought his extended essay online, with some kind of custom writing service, and his supervisor knows it and even told him that the IBO will never know that he bought this essay. He is not worried and his supervisor is not worried either, I read his essay, it's truly at a super-high academic level. I am really afraid that he will get caught and fail his diploma, and even he doesn't get caught, he is still cheating. How should I convince him to stop with it and write his own essay instead? Help me!
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