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  1. Same thing here - I put some societal context into my introduction. my supervisor didn't like the sound of it, but we read the criteria and I guess that's what IBO expects? I'm still not sure. So did you figure it out eventually? And also, are you (or ANYONE) like me, where the ABSTRACT is much more like an INTRODUCTION that we'd write for our world literature essays, or IGCSE literature papers... because my abstract is like a punchy summary of my arguments, (Besides the silly "this essay will investigate...") whereas my introduction is less so. Anyone having the same problem please jo
  2. Granted, but then IB decided that mathematics wasn't necessary so now the course doesn't exist. I wish that all the hot guys I paint would come alive...*_*
  3. I just did my TOK Presentation, and I think I did pretty good as my friends said I covered a lot in the criteria (and I do believe their words haha), though I wouldn't give myself a 20/20 of course. I'd give myself 17 or 18, but I don't know which because one is A one is B, but I'm scared that giving myself 18 would make me look too demanding.. Just wondering, did you guys give yourselves HIGHER than you then achieved for your final moderated grade (or grade given by TOK teacher), because you hope that shows them that you worked hard, or did you give yourself a bit lower than you deserve so t
  4. to put it very simply, I think it's when common belief has changed. For example, the case with foot binding in China, or the 'world is flat' theory.
  5. Heheheh totally true, been sleeping past 1AM recently... Hmm, next person prefers to do C hours over A for CAS.
  6. *bump* NEver mind I just gave in my essay... anyway I put maths and art as methodology, natural and human sciences as content more.
  7. Guess which one I picked? My fat ass is always on this seat. I think the poll results show a correlation hahahah.... but I just can't be arsed to do some jogging whatever. I live by Yoga.
  8. i think they're a bit too specific. You should try something broader so you won't be so limited whenever a theme is given to you. I don't know about you guys, but we pick a theme, and then our teacher gives us themes (e.g. Gender) that we work into using our own themes. I'm a bit secretive about my theme haha, but I can tell you some other people's (I'm so evil) 'Growth and Decay' 'Technology VS Nature' 'Fashion' You can see how these can be played more around with.
  9. The 'methodology' of an AoK would be how they obtain knowledge e.g. in the natural sciences there is the scientific method, in history there is the historical investigation process. The content of an AoK would the 'facts' within that respective AoK e.g. in the natural sciences, metal will expand when heated, in history, The People's Republic of China was established on the 1st of October 1949. The question is asking you to compare AoKs and to answer the 'to what extent'. Thus an appropriate approach to this question would be to find two AoKs which have similar methodologies and compare their c
  10. *bump* I'm doing this essay now...ahhh Thanks for the guideline sweetnsimple786 - can anyone just tell me what it means exactly by 'content'? I kind of get the methodologies part, like with natural science you can talk about the framework of it (hypothesis, law, observation...), so natural sciences seem very much defined by its methodology (i.e. How do you know your content is right?! Your methadology might seem logical but it's not?) I know that methodology in science can have its problems e.g. the problems of induction, etc right? So how do I know what is 'content' of a science. This i
  11. Not sure if this is the right area to post it, but is anyone going to SPAIN over the summer or thinking of going abroad anywhere Spanish speaking over the summer? I'm going to Marbella this summer and I was wondering if anyone is too or considering it. (Hahah I'd love to meet someone on here there) I'm going with this camp with Don Quijote Enfocamp so I was wondering if anyone's interested or has even BEEN there. (Whether Marbella or a Spanish camp in Spain) I think it's a great idea to go bceause 60% of the people there are Spanish at the camp. And for those who have been to Summer camps in
  12. So I'm doing Spanish HL and I did a Spanish SL paper near the beginning of the year. There was lots of MATCHING UP and tick boxes I recall. I just found a Spanish HL 2005 paper and there seems to be less tick-boxes and choices (Where you put A B C D E In boxes) you have to make... has it been like that for recent papers too? I really hate those tick boxes and I prefer the HL paper but I'm not sure if the recent HL papers have been LESS about LUCK, and where you actually find words yourself, etc. Thanks!! Please reply if you've done either and know the style of the papers.
  13. Bien. ¿Qué nivel de Español tú tienes? He estudiado Español por cinco años también. Aproximadamente de mi nivel, así que puedes decidir de qué ya escribí antes. Saqué un 6 (pero muy baja) en español HL recientemente...tengo un año más para mejorar.
  14. Hola, he estudio el idioma por casi 5 años. Aprendí el inglés en nueva zelanda, pero soy de taiwan y querría ser NO.1 en mi clase porque algunas personas no piensan que una asiática puede hablar español y me siento furiosa .... me encanta aprender sobre este idioma. tengo miedo ahora porque una compañera va a ir a España por un mes durante las vacaciones, y no quiero que me batará no es justo que tiene el dinero para viajar y yo no tengo T_T. De todas maneras, si alguién necesita ayuda con mandarín, o inglés (soy mejor en la literatura), me mandas un email! : ) O si sabes como hablar
  15. I knew how to use the GDC too but used excel and tables instead so I could explain more.. I think GDC will be counted less for 'mathematical process' but you'd score higher on 'use of technology; that's what I think
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