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  1. What do you mean? Does it show an 'N' instead of a grade? No it shows a P and my school has never had this happen before. P means that the grade is pending. Tell your coordinator to call the IBO offices asap. What if I can't reach my coordinator? She retired this year and is currently in Spain... and I have no idea how to contact the new one.
  2. What do you mean? Does it show an 'N' instead of a grade? No it shows a P and my school has never had this happen before. If it makes you feel any better, I've got a "P" for my English A1 HL.... maybe they are waiting on the grade? argh! So much suspense!!!!!
  3. Granted, but the plot becomes completely ridiculous and the game becomes pointless to play. I wish my teachers told would tell me the topics each paper covers so I could study for exams now.
  4. Alrighty now... I think I'm on the right track from looking at past posts, but I still have some questions. It would be helpful if I could have an answer soon- my project is due sometime this week. My teacher hasn't exactly been very helpful- I've been on break this past week and she gave the project to me the day we went on break. Yep. I'm kind of confused. I'm leaning toward a power regression y= ax^b. Do I need to do it by hand? How do I do that? How do I calculate the r value? How do I explain justify picking this?
  5. I'm kinda obsessed with this band. I love their Spanish songs, but I'm not so keen on their songs in English. This is one of my favorite. Love of Lesbian- Domingo Astromantico
  6. 5 feet 10 inches 178 centimeters Sucks to be a tall girl...
  7. CAS is a joke and nothing is ever explained to us about how IB runs...we just follow the flow charts for classes. I'm taking exams in May and still don't know what's covered in the Bio, History, or Maths exams... Oh and IB Spanish is a joke
  8. So I was reading this (http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2006/01/hitchens200601) about Joseph Kony, and the article said that Kony may have multiple personality disorder. And it got me thinking... if a mentally ill person commits a crime, say murder or any crime for that matter, can they be held responsible for it? Is the insanity plea really legitimate? Why or why not? Disclaimer! I am not saying what Kony is doing is "right," merely using him as an extreme case.
  9. 1. A personal approach is not necessarily your opinion on your topic, but how you are involved in your topic. May include some of your insight or what you learned as a result of exploring the topic. 2. The TOK essay should DEFINITELY have a personal approach to it. My teacher told us to write it in first person and use examples from our lives to answer the question. 3. One of my presentation topics was about open-mindedness. I started out with a little anecdote about an argument I recently had with a friend and applied my topic to my argument throughout the presentation as well as including
  10. Yeah, I understand a little better now. Thanks for the help!
  11. So maybe something like "How do our WoKs influence our ability to be open-minded?"
  12. After weeks of thinking, I've finally settled on a knowledge issue: "What does it mean to be open-minded?" I've got an outline sketched out, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that this is a good knowledge issue.. it seems a little weak to me but I'm at a loss at how to improve the issue. :/ I really don't want to start from scratch with a new topic, as I'm presenting this Thursday or Friday. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can improve this? How can I incorporate AoKs or WoKs?
  13. Love tea, if it's cold and sweet Next person hates snakes
  14. So I've been wondering, haven't found the answer yet... How much does the EE count for in the bigger scheme of things? Say a person scores poorly on their EE, but does well in other subjects, could they potentially jeopardize their diploma?
  15. Do I need to cite events or evidence in my paper? My teacher said that we didn't necessarily need to, but I need some confirmation on this as he's not very familiar with the specifics of ToK. He said that the paper needs several personal connections. About how many personal connections are ideal? Also, should I include an AoK other than History and science? Is more "better"?
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