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  1. my worst all-nights have ALWAYS been b/c of computers - 1) stayed up till 6 in the morning to finish my culminating project ( a java program) 2) stayed up 48 hrs straight finishing up another programming project made worse by the fact that i hate coffee or any other caffeine drink so had to splash myself with cold water just to stay awake and finish the assign. horrible
  2. for math my friend did it on blackjack and related it to card counting; but he'd really good advisors so it wasnt too hard. so just make sure u have good math advisors to help u with it. i am not sure about his specific research question though. i am not sure about physics though b/c not that many ppl in my skool choose it as their ee subject
  3. organic chem is pretty good too b/c its just an elaboration of what u learned in ib1
  4. [quote name='AChapel' post='24458' date='Sep 16 2008, 10:42 AM']How do you know what is constant in Boyles, Charles and Gay-Lussacs laws and how do you know whether to use those formulas, the ideal gas law formula or the combined gas formula? Thanks![/quote] usually if there's moles involved then u have to use the ideal gas formula. the combined gas formula is just a mixture of all the laws (except Avogadro) so if you know that formula then u dont even have to noe other ones individually. Whatever variable isn't mentioned in the question, eliminate it from the combine gas
  5. or you are using an online periodical, newspapers, etc. i am not sure about the other extensions which are considered sources though
  6. join teams/clubs you are interested in at your school. You can easily get hours this way
  7. TRUST ME...i know wat it feels like to be discouraged. i had 20 pgs of notes on my topic and when i emailed my supervisor just to double check if i was doing everything right she said my research question was completely wrong for a history ee. so i have to start all over again =( back to your problem.... read the history ee guide and sample essays then u can get an idea of what is a bad/good research question. you should narrow down your question so its much more specific and MAKE SURE that there's a variety of primary and secondary resources which cover your topic. also make sure that
  8. ideally its better if you have 50 hrs each. but i think in the end as long as you finish the hours you will be fine - thats what our ibc said since u need the hours to graduate with an ib diploma.
  9. 100% agree with you. but at the same time this is just ur undergrad so i dont think it matters that much wat uni u get into now. rather the pressure comes later on so just do a variety of things (rather than just study study study) and pray to god that you can get into the best unis.
  10. for "context is all" you can talk about capital punishment...depending on the circumstance when is it good/bad. i am not sure about the other one but in terms of presentation ideas u can do the really easy (i.e. a lot of ppl have done it) ones like: beauty - what defines it, the justification for who's beautiful and what not...if you plan on doing this there's this really great video on youtube call "the human face". it goes into beauty in terms of cold reasoning (math and stuff) and also in terms of psychology. media - its effect on the world in general - u can
  11. ubc is pretty easy but u of t and mcgill are very very very picky
  12. it depends on the course you are taking. if its life sci then its hard to get into mcgill or ut unless you have good marks. but i noe tons of ppl who got into the same unis with okay marks b/c they chose intl relations, etc. so idk...i think there isnt that much of a difference
  13. mine is a math teacher too!!!!!!!! AND he has this notion that he's ALWAYS correct so we can never have a discussion in class. one of his comments for my friends tok essay was "simplistic and simplicity are similar" and then in the next sentence he was like they're contradictory LMAO. he screwed us over big time....i didnt learn a thing and i was looking fwd to that class his classes are super boring - all he does is put transparancies (stuff from the ToK txt book) on the projector and makes ppl read it i am sooo happy its over
  14. you will get in quite easily....thats a good average =D the ibc just asked me questions about our school and looked at rprt card and that was pretty much it. personally i think its harder to stay in ib rather than get in.
  15. well we did tons and tons of presentations during the beginning of the year as a practice for our oral exam and one of the pres also counts as part of your "french IA". then the second part of the year we just practised our writing, learned grammar, and did a lot of past exams. i dont think you should worry about it too much b/c i had a HORRIBLE teacher....she couldn't even speak french and i still managed okay =D i think you will be fine if you do the past exams b/c the majority of the exam was reading and comprehension. for the writing part the letter is the easiest because u g
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