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  1. Have you tried asking your teacher after class about what you can improve on? I've found that if you go in with a few specific questions about what you can do better, their feedback can help a lot.
  2. This might be different at your school, but in my classes there isn't a big difference in the format of an AP class vs. and IB class, except for IAs and things like that but of course AP classes aren't going to do IAs haha. In my experience, the difference is in the style and approach of assessments. AP seems like they're more focused on WHAT the answer is, whereas IB exams seem more focused on WHY something is that way. An example: I took the AP Macro test this year, and multiple choice is 2/3 of your total score. IB, on the other hand, doesn't have multiple choice on the exam, it's centered
  3. Some of my good friends in IB are taking music and they find it super easy/manageable. The only trouble I can think of would be composing, but it seems like you have enough of a background in music that it wouldn't be a problem for you. That said, depending on what your CAS coordinator would accept, it might be a good idea to use music for CAS hours. I don't think that my CAS coordinator would allow it since it's something you already do, but depending on what activities you submitted, your coordinator might see it differently.
  4. If you feel confident with your ability as a writer, I'd go with schedule 1. Unless you really like history you might regret having all the memorization it entails. To me, it seems like doing well on the English exam is whether or not you have a certain skill set (truthfully, that probably involves lots of analysis, but you'd have two years to hone those skills) rather than knowing lots of little details.
  5. If you're concerned about free time, I'd recommend getting a planner and using it religiously. Mine is always nearby! The people that I know who struggle in IB are the people who put things off until the day before it's due and then freak out because they have three IA's to do before Friday. Keeping track of when things are due lets me spread out the work in such a way that I don't feel overwhelmed. When you get closer to exams, of course it helps to cut back on social time/relaxing. That said, during the days leading up to exams it helped me to spend time with friends and unwind—you don't wan
  6. I could study this weekend. Anyone else interested? edit: The time difference might be a bit of trouble, though. Email might work, though.
  7. Yes! All of your files are private unless you put them in the public folder of your dropbox. Dropbox is super wonderful, I use it to store all of my assignments for the IB because I lose pretty much every flash drive I touch.
  8. Could you maybe try doing this with a few different countries and highlighting the similarities and commenting on what that shows? Did you skip or combine any steps while you were working out the equation? Showing your work and giving a thorough analysis as you go might help. When we were starting our Math IAs, our teacher had a couple old examples from the IB. It might be worthwhile to see if your teacher has any that you could look at to see how they structured their exploration.
  9. I'm running a 10K in April, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to document those hours. At our school we need to have a project supervisor sign off on what we do, except for this activity I won't have one. Thoughts? I sent an email to our CAS coordinator, but he usually takes a few weeks to respond to emails...
  10. Prioritize. This is the most important thing. You will get a lot of work in each of your classes, and not all of it can be done the same night like in 9th and 10th grade. I like to prioritize by writing down all the current assignments I have, then drawing a vertical line next to that line based on urgency. Red is due tomorrow, orange is due in two or three days, yellow is due in 4+ days, and green is a long term project. Anything that I don't do that day gets moved over to the next day's column and then I do the color coding process again the next day. Pay attention in class. Time that you ar
  11. I would recommend sticking with Bio. Currently I'm in HL Bio and I haven't really had to do a lot of memorization. I took SL chem last year (it was combined with AP Chem, so sophomores could take it), and I found that there was much more memorization to do. However, the primary reason I think you should stick with Bio is because you mentioned that you like it more. It's much easier to study the things you like and find interesting than things that you like a little bit less but find easy. When difficulties in HL Chem inevitably arise, it'll suck to have to work through it if you don't like it
  12. I would do a t-test, but I think it would also be a good idea to carry out a few types of regressions (linear, power, exponential) and see which has the best correlation coefficient. It wouldn't hurt to analyze your data in more than one way!
  13. When I'm feeling particularly stressed I like to do yoga, dance around like a maniac in the kitchen, or organize my binders. Sometimes I'll watch a movie on Fridays as a reward for making it through a stressful week. How do you unwind when the IB stresses you out?
  14. November 21, Ruth Best of luck on your IA!
  15. What is ECOSOC like? I'm interested in it for next year.
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