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  1. To all of those in the ACT or NSW in Australia, I would just like to voice by discontent with the new ATAR (previously UAI) conversion for 2009. With the new ranking system the marks of everyone who is doing the HSC in 2009 will be scaled UP by between 6 and 0.05 points compared to those recieved in previous years. The marks of those who are doing the IB however, are not being changed from the previous conversion to the old UAI. So, if a HSC student achieves a mark that was previously a 68.95 as a UAI, this year they will recieving an ATAR of 71.20 instead. If an IB kid however, scores a 24 wi
  2. mmm, maybe, but you have to have knowledge issues within the prescribed title. i wasn't sure whether something like this is the right sort of thing -> 'cant here be multiple correct explanations on the same event?'
  3. Needin some help coming up with knowlege issues for 'What are the similarities and differences between scientific and historical explanation?' Ta muchly, i am totally lost -me
  4. wait, what! CAS iterview!? Never heard of it, yeah im in IB2 too and have no idea what you're on about.. eek im worried now does everyone have to do this? -soph x
  5. 1 heels 2 boots 3 thongs (flip flops for non-aussies) 2 sandles 2 slippers 1 school shoes 4 sand shoes 1 joggers (again for non-aussies thats .. um trainers i think?) 4 flats 1 wedges 1 basket ball shoes =22 eek thought i only had about 14 i only wear about 8 of them anyway
  6. LOL, deffinatly never heard of that... AM or PM?
  7. heyhey, yeah deffinatly go for it! Especially seeming that you're so close. It is true that they can bump you down as well as up, but even if you do get bumbed down a mark or two, you'll probably still stay at a band 6 because you are so close to a 7. Make sense? Good Luck! -Soph x
  8. Know lots of quotes from lots of different WELL KNOWN hisotians. Also have a bunch of primary evidence you can chuck in. Make a quote bank for each topic and memorise as many as possible so you can make sure you've got it all covered.
  9. ooohhh nooooo, deffinalty not beer psych 101: context dependancy if you study while you're high/drunk/on a caffine hit etc. than you'll perform better in in the same condition when you have to recall that info.
  10. yay i like this thread sydney st pauls nov 09 cohort bio sl psych hl hist hl french b eng hl maths studies sl
  11. St. Pauls Grammar School, Cranebrook, Australia Nov, 2009
  12. oh well, i always have good intentions but ... well i try to be in bed by 9.30 but that always stratched to about 10, at the least, 11.30 at the latest. mii schedule looks like: 4 : get home 5: start school work 7: dinner 7.30: school work and procrastination 9.30 get ready for bed 10. procrastinate 10,30: realise i agve something due tomorrow 11-11.30: bed
  13. For my world lit books i am studying -One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich -Paradise of the Blind -Chronicle of a death Foretold If any one is doing these then do you have: -Any topic suggestions or ideas? -Any thoughts on how to approach these books? Also what is the difference between WL1 and WL2... i should know this but i've forgotten. Thanx a million -soph
  14. Haney, i laughed when i read this. You my dear are VERY good at french! I'll email you, tho it mightnt help much Mais oui, si quelqu'un ici est intéressé, j'aimerais correspondre à vous pour améliorer mes compétence d'écriture. j'ai appris le français depuis trois ans et demi, et je pense que je suis probablement moyen dans ma compréhension de Français. votre aide sera votre aide sera très utile et a extrêmement évalué. MERCI!!!! -sophie -oh and if your interested i can give you my email.
  15. i think u got me wrong, by show biz i mean that theres a huge flash and bang about it. i dont mean that its not of huge importance with huge consaquences, i just mean, the fireworks, pep ralllys or watever, etcc etcc its soo comercial and unnessesary
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