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  1. does are example calculation have to computer generated (typed) or can we right it out really nice on a peice of paper and scan it? I can't get my computer to make a lot of the symbols that i need so i think i'm just going to have to do written work in a very organized manner and scan it...
  2. my p value is .0914, which i don't think is that significant in the long run. Should i still say it's significant?
  3. what's the word limit on the math IA, also how many example calculations should be included? I switched math teachers and the start of the second semester and my original teacher is just now starting his class on their IAs. The class I'm in now did theirs in December so I'm kinda doing this totally solo and I'm slightly confused...
  4. I like most of my classes. The only one I really don't like is english, which is surprising because I used to want to be a writer. I usually get Bs and Cs in english and I'm just not that good at it any more... I really like science. I'm taking Bio HL, Chem SL and Physics next year, and I'm really excited
  5. 27...not that surprising...i actually wouldn't have been surprised if i scored higher...
  6. i have to read that next year in English. Why didn't you care for it?
  7. I used to be really depressed up until a couple years ago, and actually tried to OD when i was six years old. IB is stressful but i actually think it helps me because it's something that i can do that doesn't have to involve a lot of emotion and i'm in control of everything i do. I definetly agree that suicide isn't the answer, especially over something like school. I get mad at my self, and even cry, when i get a bad grade but i would never kill myself. When i was depressed it was because of a really bad home life and genetics.
  8. IAs... I still need to redo my Psych IA to turn in next week and I need to start my math IA, which is due in two weeks. Bad, mad mojo
  9. did it but just fyi...my last math test sucked and i normally do a lot better. the class average was 63%!!
  10. Well, first and for most...what is your definition of ethics? There are the 'universal truths' which, argueably, could justify conflict because they are universal. However, ethics and mornals are so different in different cultures and are mosty of the reason that the conflicts start in the first place. You might also define conflict.
  11. I talk to myself too :/ at least when I'm studying Spanish. Vocabulary seems so much easier to remember with vocalization. I also study better late at night, like between 10pm and 3am...
  12. I had the same problem at the beginning of the year. One of the most helpful things that I've found is to think about it in relation to your life, and how it effects your body and environment. When we studied cancerous cells I got really involved because it's a subject that's easier to think about in the bigger picture...
  13. One thing you need to do is open with your definition of audacity because that will be the criterion for your presentation. Also, you might relate some of your evidence to your societies idea of audacity. Good luck
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