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  1. I was reading your qualifications with my jaws on the floor, then saw your ECs and realized you're aactually human Ok, I guess I'll give it a go as well: Background Status: Latino-ish Male Country: Brazil (and soon hopefully dual citizenship Brazil-Switzerland) School Type: Small Private International Academics: Scores: SAT I: M620 (ew...i know re-taking it in October)CR750 W680 (not much of a math whiz but a bit of a linguist ) SAT II: French800 Math Level 2 660 (might re-take it but deadline is too late for my top choice Uni since I'm applying for Early Action) GPA:no idea how this system
  2. Quick question, if you do Med School in the States won't you be obligated to practice medicine only in the US? At least it's like that with Law and I thought medicine was the same, but I'm not sure
  3. Yeah I dont remember very well exactly what I said but I definitely checked-out the DEED boxes
  4. In my experience in IB so far (entering my second year), I have had some trouble with accepting the mark schemes for economics. In every test I have taken the mark scheme for the essay questions always state "students may answer differently; award marks accordingly" and so I think "hey! What a great opportunity to put some real thought into a question" but it turns out that teachers always look for a specific answer, and if you asnwer differently you get punished for it. For example, in one of my essays I had to discuss in which cases are merit goods underprovided and how to solve this problem
  5. You'll be fine, Econ is not that difficult. I just started econ HL this past year with no previous experience and managed to get a 7, so you'll do just fine. One thing you have to watch out for, in the mark schemes where they write "students may answer differently; reward accordingly" is not true. Teachers always expect one answer, thats what bugs me about econ.
  6. How would being bilingual ever be a "bad" thing?! Not only can you communicate with people in other countries, but it looks great in a resumé or a college app
  7. I got some for you (in French, Portuguese and Spanish): Desolé - Sexion d'Assaut Hamdoulah Moi ça va - La Fouine Reza Vela - O Rappa Tropa de Elite - Tihuana Acima do Sol - Skank Papo Reto - Charlie Brown Jr. Puto - Molotov Era um Garoto - Engenheiros do Havaí Faroeste Caboclo - Legião Urbana Mas Vale Cholo - Molotov These are just a few from different genres Oh one last one: Con te partirò - Andrea Bocelli @Dustfinger: When you mentioned Big Bang I thought of the time my cousin came over an plyed Haru Haru over and over again for 3 weeks straight
  8. I can't do that because I don't have "k" so I cant calculate ln(k). And to the previous poster that is actually the exact same lab, but I figured it out how to do it; I just had to replace ln(k) with ln(rate) because they're both proportional to each other. But thanks for the answers anyway
  9. I don't understand why people immediately assume that he was executed...he wasn't executed! He fought back against the American soldiers and was killed in the process; he didn't just surrender and get shot in the head, he shot back and fought 'til the end. I'm still glad that he was finally taken down.
  10. I have to do a Lab Report on the topic of kinetics involving the Activation Energy of a reaction by measuring the rate of a reaction at different temperatures. What I cannot get my head around is how can I find calculate the activation energy (presumably using the Arrhenius equation) without the rate constant and the Arrhenius constant of the reaction? I am quite "confuzzled" (yes, that is the extend of my confusion) and any suggestions whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I don't know how IB works in your school but wouldn't world lit fall within English A1 (since in English A1 you have a World Lit. topic)? But if all of these are IB subjects, drop a few (not telling you to do so, but it is a very strong suggestion). Also, if you're looking for a good university, being 100% focused on school is not a great idea, especially if you plan on going to the States (where the best universities look for the most balanced students). In all seriousness though, it's not healthy to do all this. I take 6 subjects and I find it hard to keep up (I procrastinate a lot; hoping t
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