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  1. Hi guys, I am an IB graduate and university student- I currently assist in formatting postgraduate and some undergraduate documents. So mainly honours year dissertations, a few masters students thesis, and multiple assignments. I generally charge by the hour and this is all quite simple, the send me the document I format, they pay, I send the new pretty document to them. However recently I was asked by a few IB students to help them but they are reluctant to hand over their draft EE to me to format. Now to be clear, I do not proofread, I just format (make it look professional, make it flow,
  2. "Any idea" should be your idea. Just search the internet... you'll find some good starting points, you want to be original so make sure you only use these as starting points.
  3. DO SL MATH it's the best decision you'll make.
  4. I'm sorry but this is all I could find: https://www.aas.ru/document.doc?id=189. It's the IB Language B guide in English it's not subject specific but it is similar to the document I based my studying off for group II.
  5. This is exactly what you should be doing and do maybe 30 minutes of mathematics every night if that's what you struggle with.
  6. I took my History SL (Nov 2011) a year only then my German Ab Initio a few months ago (May 2012). I doubt you'd be able to, I only got to sit German exams in May because its the only time German Ab Initio could be sat. Speak to your coordinator.
  7. Use a works cited list- for all the texts cited within your EE AND a bibliography- for all the books, you opened/read/touched/etc. etc. THAT way you've covered everything, then just ask your supervisor what he/she thinks.
  8. Those are still really broad. The first one is better than the second at the moment. You could use this for a starting point and accept the fact that it will change over the course of your research, then use either of these as a starting block for your essay.
  9. Neither of them are appropriate as they are both not specific enough, and need to be narrowed down further. I would scan through wikipedia and read up. My history IA (1500-2000 words) topic was inspired by one sentence on wikipedia. My chemistry EE was inspired by half a sentence. Neither of these sentences ended up being my topics but they were subjects that lead to further research. Unfortunately I don't think it would be a good idea to get topics from others. (Hence 0 topic suggestions here).
  10. I only work, Saturday and Sunday from 6am-11am/12pm. I find this is fine because I know that if I wasn't working I wouldn't be studying in that time anyway... I'd be sleeping in or relaxing. I find my job kind of wakes me up in the morning.
  11. My opinion take Biology HL first. If not take Chem HL... don't risk only doing Math HL for one year. Seeming as the people suggesting you take HL Math either do Math SL or Math Studies I have no idea why they are suggesting it. Biology- mostly memorisation Chemistry- a lot of HL content, but if you can finish all the SL content really well quickly you'll find the HL content is rather useful and a great addition. HL Math- a strongly think this is a bad idea, not that it is impossible just very hard. My school has "Mathematics" in it's name, we only do the IB and some of the smartest kids I hav
  12. As students at SL are required to spend 40 hours, and students at HL 60 hours doing lab work, I cannot believe you only get to redo 2 IAs. I would double check this to make sure. BUT yes they are very important I can tell you this, having my exams in 2 weeks it is such a relief to have great IA scores (42/48 for chemistry and 46/48 for physics) making it easier to score higher. I would definitely work on improving your IA score as much as possible, if you PM me I could probably help you significantly by checking and assisting you with your IA.
  13. aangel

    Hardest topics?

    Acids and Bases (calculations), Redox (HL, SL is simple) and Organic
  14. http://www.xtremepap... paper 2 ms.pdf This link is to the markscheme for the paper that your question is a part of (Question 8, Page 20). You haven't specified what was bothering you so hopefully this would be enough to assist you. However, note that this question is from the old syllabus and while these provide good practice these are kind of dissimilar to the new syllabus's (2008 and later) matrices questions.
  15. At my school: Submit an application for test. Which also includes a short 'personal/educational journey' previous grades achievements and extracurriculars [*]Sit an admissions test. [*]Depending on how well you went on test, where you discuss personal attributes and your application..
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