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  1. i got a D so I just parely passed. I was expecting something a little higher because I worked really hard on mine but at the same time, I won't complain
  2. yeah, doing one in 2 days again. I'm surprised some school don't do practice exams
  3. i almost cried. but I have to continue to study for bio ;_; but I joined IB by accident, but looking back, i don't regret it. I'm actually going to miss it- especially the people i have grown so close to over the last 4 years. all the complaining, all the hard work, the joys, the sweat, and the cramming! it's been one hell of a ride, and i plan to go out with a bang.
  4. I'm not sure if this helps but obviously study(ing), breakfast, and plenty of sleep. Our class likes to wear yellow since it apparently is the color for remembering something. And eating bananas. How well does it work? Not sure since I don't do it(I have no yellow to wear). As for the breakdowns, BREATHE, don't think, meditate(that's what a few classmates did), walk around, ect. Just don't over think it or just don't think at all. Keep your thoughts optimistic since self-prophecy is always an option(basically if you think you're going to fail, then you probably will since you won't put effort
  5. Tip: NEVER! write in first person(THIS ALSO APPLIES TO ALL OTHER IAs AND EAs!)! Personal Pronouns make your paper seem unprofessional and if used incorrectly or in an abundance, could get you deducted a point or two for language.
  6. NO! NEVER, and I mean NEVER, write in first person when it comes to important IB papers! That includes IAs and EAs. Art EEs and TOK essays are somewhat an exception, but other then that, don't wright in first person. It seems unprofessional and you could get deducted a point or two. (Sorry for flipping out, but that whole personal pronouns things has been beaten into our heads) graphs: bar line histogram stats: average and standard deviation range? I usually go with a bar graph and apply average and sd to the data. sd allows you to see the range as well as error. but it's a long process: you h
  7. I pulled my first all nighter with my ee. i didn't consume any caffine either lol. the adrenaline kept me going but i was dying after a while.
  8. love is joy+happiness. according to psychology and that one person who did the experiment on emotions(can't remember off the top of my head). no i kid you. love is love. simple as that. you can't describe it since it's different for everyone even if it seems similar.
  9. Haiku about miso soup while i don't know you i always dreamed about you yes, one day for sure. it's basically about my lack of knowledge(taste, texture, ect) about the soup but one day. one day. whether it's correct or not, I'm an artist, not a writer. as for your question, because food is amazing.
  10. anything that was on toonami, old cartoon network, fox kids and wb54(aka Saturday morning cartoons)
  11. Bio IA and reading Their Eyes Were Watching God for english
  12. GIRLS BRING THE BOYS OUT! I wanna dance right now We can show 'em how the girls get down Yes we go for more then zero Number 1, everyone should know Check this out All the Boys(All the Boys) Want my heart. Better know how to rock and don't stop Oh Gee, we make it so hot Girls Generation, We don't stop. (english version)
  13. our motto is "IB therefore I think. I think therefore I stress. I stress therefore I BS." There's always "IB trippin'" but one time when we were doing class work in english, our english teacher was looking around the room to see who had their paper vertical and who had it horizontal for writing. she saw that most of us had our paper vertical, and she said she usually does horizontal. and so she concluded "this ib class does it vertical"
  14. i actually signed up by accident. I wasn't really paying attention to the paperwork and kinda just signed it. Then with some presentation by our coordinator, I thought that it was pretty interesting. little did i know i would be selling my soul. though i don't regret it.
  15. Hey everybody. We're starting our TOK essays and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed to start. I'm reading tips, outlines, essays and all that, but I keep getting the nagging feeling that knowing the difference between knowledge claim and knowledge issue is going to help me so much in this essay. But I don't know what that difference is and it's bothering me X.x
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