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  1. Paper 1 for TZ2 was easy. I chose the Database question (no.1), facebook n0.3, project management one about hotel booking system and fuzzylogic. analysing the case study helped me a great deal in the project management and hotel booking system question!
  2. Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe The Stranger - Albert Camus
  3. What timezone does the IBSurvival use to display its time in all the forums, pages, etc. coz the present time in my place is 6:19 PM and IBSurvival displays 5:19 PM. just curious.
  4. So your scanning the SIGNATURE right? Not the whole page right? My teacher's FORCING me to scan all the pages and convert them to PDF. oh. my teacher said to just scan the signature and its fine to adapt the same signature all over. In fact i saw a sample from OCC, the guy received really high in all his criterions and he used the same signature in all his criterion.
  5. You are not the only one! 6 is my max. but otherwise I'm happy with a 5.
  6. No, i had my client's signature scanned and pasted onto the criterions. And yea, we are converting all of them into pdfs and then burning them into a CD-R along with our product and cover page. We were told about this all of a sudden. till now it was assumed by us that it shall be uploaded as .zip file with the all the criterions and product.
  7. hey! were u guys told to burn all ur criterions onto a CD that shall be sent to the IBO? coz that is what we are being told to do here
  8. Banned for mistaking as a students' target as the predicted grade he achieved. How can u be so dumb?
  9. for assignments - late nights for studying - always wake up early morning at 4.30 am and sleep by 10. pm in the night. continuous studying with little breaks.
  10. saig, sai = my first name and 'g' - is the first letter of my surname, Grandhi.
  11. yo Ishaan! Thanks for the reply. I am making a powerpoint presentation and am linking animations into it. so if the IBO wants to check my product, in the product folder, i should also put my videos and pictures that are linked into the presentation, right?
  12. hey,could you pls explain the meaning of the following advanced techniques? "Proficient integration of the different elements of multimedia" and "Manipulated graphics".
  13. SAT 1: CR: 660 MATH: 670 Writing: 630 Total - 1960 SAT II Math levle 2: 800 Physics: 800 Chem: 780 Already applied early decision for TUFTS, hoping to apply to northwestern, johns hopkins duke and the rest are safety unis like union, bucknell vanderbilt
  14. umm..didnt get ur qestion if u were a psychologist, whom would you want ur first patient to be?
  15. true. who doesnt hate mosquitoes?! NP knows the real meaning why only men are called 'hand'some
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