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  1. For the maths studies stat assignment , when using the Chi-squared test, i understand it is better and more accurate to use a 5 % than a 10% , when looking up the critical values... (?) BUT can we use 10% if our value is JUST off the 5 % range, and talked about in the validity etc section or not? Ok hope that made sense:)
  2. Hey I hope this hasnt already been a topic, but: What are your tips on how to prepare for a Spanish ab Initio Oral exam? Also i heard we get a picture and have to talk about it etc.etc. Anyway , any tips on how you prepare etc would be good:) or if your a past student how you prepared/ how it went Adios amigos
  3. This has already prob been a post but ahh well Just random thought, Who functions better late at night than early mornings? Eg would you rather stay up until 3am doing an assignment or get up at 4am and do it? etc Just curious because i prefer late nights P.s Hi Aboo LOL , see i do post ^^
  4. Just a question about the results part of the assignment . If i have used a T test and a chi-squared test , do i mention the level of significance just in the analysis of the results OR before that in the description of results , where the mean tables etc are?? Ok sorry if that doesnt make sense
  5. I also take SL Music and choose chosen Composition as my option. We are lucky we use Sibelius and reason , which are two fantastic programs for composition
  6. I Am studying : House of Spirits- By Isabel Allende and One Hundred Years of solitude -By Gabriel Marquez
  7. In my Math Studies there is about 15 people, wish i had a small class less than 10
  8. There is one in Sydney , Australia , i just heard , it looks really good:)
  9. Yehh i agree with this, ++ i feel we are not entirely to blame .... ++ there is too much media hype on global warming now
  10. Protection Appearance Environmental
  11. I tend to be doing hw for a few hrs each night but on fridays i dont do any ( unless exam) On weekends unfortunatly i always have hw or revision to do..It really depends on the person how much revision they want to do , which then affects how much time you spend and how much of a social life you have
  12. we have about 15 people in our class Im envious of all the people who say they have like 5
  13. Thankssss for Your opinion:) Yehh iv heard that acually, hehe im doing it , so hopefully thats correct
  14. I think its great as its so light and easy to carry around classes , as its not bulky
  15. Music can help while studying but i still believe music without words is better for when your studying
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