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  1. I have just finished my historical investigation and was wondering about the formatting. I know it must be size 12 Times New Roman Font and that the word count must be on the cover page. I was just wondering if there were any specifications about spacing, page numbers, and headers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My topic for the HI is: How did the Tea Act of 1773 lead to the Boston Tea Party? For the Summary of Evidence I have divided it into sections: Background information, what Tea Act was, and how it led to the Boston Tea Party. Should I add information about the Boston Tea Party as well or stop right before. Would talking about the actual Tea Party begin to be off topic because it is not in my question? In the rubric it states that all information must be relevant so that is the part I am worried about if I discuss the Tea Party itself. Also, if I do talk about what the Boston Tea Party was would
  3. So I am doing my essay on cross-dressing in Shakespeare and empowerment... for my essay I studied certain characters throughout the novel and how the male disguise helped them gain power. Would that work under this criteria?
  4. Can someone please explain criteria F to me please? F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to subject What do the markers look for and how do you incorporate this into your essay? If someone could provide an example or just explain this, I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. So I am currently going over my world lit papers before final submission in October. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of things need to go on the cover page, header, footer, etc. Also what do you include in the word count? Do you include everything on the cover page or just your title and paper? Thanks!
  6. I am doing the same lab it's actually rxn 1 + 3 = rxn 2.
  7. HiddenDreamer

    HI Topics

    The first one is WAY too broad. I suggest picking something that may have contributed to ending the Cold War and make a question with that. Also the to what extent questions always seem broad to me because you can answer it in so many ways... Thats just an opinion of course
  8. I will be honest, IB is tough and I think you should enjoy your summer. I commend your efforts at trying to get ahead but RELAX! If you are really worried I suggest you just read your English books. Make minimal notes (maybe just in your book) on characters, symbols, themes, and settings. Your teacher will go into more detail. For math it is important that you catch-up but it is not easy to learn on your own. You can do the basics but don't worry so much. For science do not go detailed, you will be learning everything in detail in class and you should learn that and math at a brisk but fair pa
  9. BIOLOGY! I find it boring and dull and I just cannot stay awake. French I also hate but nothing will match bio in my opinion. My school is also very inexperienced because we are the first IB class and we have 30 kids currently in full IB...
  10. My topic for the EE is "How does cross-dressing in Shakespearean comedies contribute to the empowerment of female characters?" I have a lot of research done. I am looking at the plays Merchant of Venice and As you Like It so far I have a body paragraph on As You Like It just about cross-dressing and how it empowered her. My next paragraph is about Portia and how her intellect was able to shine through. I then added in criticism and began arguing it. Do you think this approach is good? Should I continue alternating between plays or do one play and then half way through the essay switch to the o
  11. I am currently working on my Paper II and I am doing it on the book: The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum. I don't know if any of you have read this book, but I cannot find anything to do a commentary on (2a). So I am planning on doing a detailed study. My teacher is not very good at this so can someone explain what this is? Do I just find a passage and talk about it? What format should it be in? If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. [quote name='biochem' timestamp='1229291342' post='30271'] 10. Dont wait till the last day. Dont use a PowerPoint, UNLESS it enhances your overall presentation (for example, covering imagery, should be done on a power point). And dont get sleep the night before, more than you normally do. Stick to your normal sleeping schedule. the night before, I had 3 hours of sleep in order to stimulate the same brain activity. Often times, my classmates take the opportunity and go to sleep at 6 p.m. after school, sleeping for 12 hours, and come to school dead. This is because Dopam
  13. Thanks so much! We actually haven't read it in class YET, I am just trying to finish it off early so I don’t have to worry about it later ^^. I will definitely be taking really good notes in class though like you suggested! Any ideas how long it should be though? Right now I have about a page of quotes and discussion questions but I don't really know if that’s 10 minutes or not...
  14. I am working on my IOP right now... I already have my topic on the novel: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. I really want to do well on this so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I'm doing a class discussion so should I just have a list of quotes ready to talk about?
  15. I'm pretty sure they were just giving an example of a possible way to structure your essay - as said above they don't know your topic. For my WL1 I generally had both the texts mentioned in each paragraph, because it is a comparative essay so obviously you want to compare the texts! One thing our teacher suggested was to include the cultural setting - eg I used the books We and Antigone so I was able to talk about in We how the Russian Communist regime was symbolised through it and how this influenced the portrayal of the ideas presented, yaddayadda And like any normal introduction, it shoul
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