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  1. Hi! I am last-minute revising for my paper 3 I really dislike the topic of collective security, but I thought I should revise at least a tiny bit, in case there are not 3 topics I like. If you were to structure an essay about collective security/peacekeeping failures, how would you do it?
  2. I dont know if the appropriate time has passed, but if it has, how did you all do?
  3. I have no idea what timezone I am but on paper 2 I had the fish probability question and the last asked for Volume etc. Surprisingly little time for both papers for me O.o I finished the first one just as the time ran out, and didnt finish one exercise on paper 2. Overall, I think they were managable, though the amount of funtcions on paper 1 ugh. And I know I made really stupid, little mistakes on paper 2. Do you guys know what the boundaries for previous exams were, more or less? Do you think theyll change much?
  4. I found the texts sooooo easy, understood almost everything, but the questions :/ I dont know. Im pretty sure I gave wrong justifications for the true/false ones for text C and the facebook ones were a bit tricky too, but other than that it went well. I was a bit surprised there were so many questions for the last text. I spent a bit too much time on the questions and too little on text D, I had no time to re-read what I wrote. I wrote das Tagebuch too How many entries did you write? I only managed 2 and I think half of my work is off topic. I could have done better with grammar too I lose
  5. I investigated the differences between the ability to memorize words in a quiet environment, one involving music with lyrics and one with just a melody. My teacher said I should do the matched/paired t test, but I am a bit confused...Should I do two seperate ones? One for no music vs music with lyrics and the second one for no music vs melody? If anyone knows a link to a good guide on the t test for dummies, I would appreciate it, since I am still not sure I understand what the t test shows us... Can it be done using a calculator? Also, what other mathematical processes/tests can be applied
  6. I was wondernig what sources are valid to use? Can I include an interview with a family member? If not, can it be a supporting source, for facts in section B or sth? How do I put it into the bibliography then? Also, should the sources for OPVL differ? Must one be a book and another a speech or document? What sources dont you recommend using?
  7. Thanks! Wow, literally almost half of our class in school takes it One more thing, our teacher stresses to analyze everything reaaaaally well and Im talking about whether sth should be done or not and I have 3 arguments for and 2 against and Im worrying it might not be enough...
  8. Anyone have any tips? If I am talking about arguments for and against, what do you think is a safe amount to have? Any websites listing phrases that might come in handy? Im so nervous because I have a lot to say and usually it takes me way more than the time limit! P.S. Is German not a very popular langage to take? o.O Dont see that many threads about it.
  9. Hey there! We are soon going to do our presentations and the only forms I have heard about so far, was either a powerpoint presentation or a movie/video/talk show type thing. I was wondering if anyone has done anything else? And are other forms acceptable?
  10. Hey! We have a tank full of Daphnia in school, any good lab ideas I could do?
  11. Can I only bring in for example, the design, cause I only want that to be checked and graded from a particular lab? What exactly would I have to bring in then?
  12. Uhm, so far Ive calculated the means and rounded them to the nearest integer. Im going to do standard deviation then Could you tell me a bit more about what you mean by basic processing and errors? Math and biology are my weak sides Also, about the t-test, I have 3 means and I read the t test is only for two means... Can I still do it with 3? Thanks a lot btw
  13. Hey! I did an IA about how music affect our ability to concentrate and I tested a little bit over 100 people, in different environments (with music, without etc.). Im stuck as to what test should I do to examine the data... Can you make any suggestions?
  14. Im writing my IA on one court case of a lawyer and my question is to what extent did it shape public opinion. I need ideas what kind of sources could I use :/ all I can find is about the lawyer and the case, but nothing about public opinion. Should I just read about the times after the trial or like.. look at newspaper articles? My teacher is gonna kill me if I change the topic again so any help appreciated
  15. I take German HL, but sadly my level is probably somewhere around lower SL. Good luck finding someone! My teacher advises us to do lots of reading - says its the best way to learn nice sentence structure or sth like that.
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