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  1. Subject Grade 2011 MAY ENGLISH A1 EE B 2011 MAY ENGLISH A1 HL 7 2011 MAY FRENCH B SL 4 2011 MAY HIST.AMERICAS HL in ENGLISH 7 2010 MAY PSYCHOLOGY SL in ENGLISH 7 2011 MAY BIOLOGY HL in ENGLISH 7 2011 MAY MATH.STUDIES SL in ENGLISH 5 2011 MAY THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH A Additional/Extra subjects None EE/TOK points: 3 Total points: 40 Results: Diploma awarded I'm VERY disappointed with French, but I was the only DIP taking the exam, so I was both alone in studying and intimidated. I'm also disappointed with Math Studies...I should have taken it in Grade 11, so I could have studied more and
  2. When and how do we get our composite scores? Does anyone know?
  3. # of diploma students at start of IB or PreIB - 60+ # of diploma students after graduation - 17 # of students who actually pass - don't know yet # of certificates - about 25-35, most in english HL or history HL, some in biology Average score - not sure Highest Score - 38 Lowest score - not sure
  4. I thought they were pretty good too. I always find it annoying how there are those data-based questions that require little to no background information to score fairly well on, like the entire first question with the graphs. About the two processes though, didn't it only ask for one?!?! I only put protein synthesis.....bahh, I hope I didn't read that wrong otherwise that's such an easy mark lost =[ For P1 what was the answer to the question about Crohn's disease and villi? I can't remember it that well at all but anyways it was one of the only few I wasn't sure abut. If one of the answers
  5. Yes, I just feel that if I didn't understand what was going on, I too (like Drake Glau) would have been tempted to change my answers to fit what I felt makes sense to me.
  6. Oh! And the ADH question was awesome in my opinion too-- I had just studied the interconnections between the posterior pituitary and the hypothalamus and the osmoreceptors so I was elated that I had the chance to explain them
  7. I remember thinking that they were incorrectly labeled too. But then I had to stop fixating on it and move on...I had to read the intro many times. What did you say about the hypothesis and whether it was supported? I disagreed with it, saying they do not want to inhibit the membrane protein, but to increase the amount of them.
  8. Yeah, I felt it like the data-based question was really challenging since a lot of my classmates didn't review the carbon cycle or greenhouse gases at all since we never discussed it in class. And the fact that it's so counter-intuitive. At first I was just thinking, "WHAT? Pollution increasing growth? What is this?" Took a bit more understanding than just looking at the graphs :/
  9. I can't fathom why someone would prepare 1-2 years for a test and then sleep though 40 minutes of it. Oh well. Anyways, I thought Paper 1 was reasonable, although in going over it with my teacher I know I missed three (the most shameful of which was stupidly and quickly reading "antibodies" as "antibiotics" when we had specifically gone over the differences in class two days before). Paper 2 was also reasonable and I found I had a lot to say for the essays and I understood the data-based once I remembered that greenhouse gases trap heat (thus raising temp and therefore photosynthesis rates), a
  10. I took Paper 3 today, and I sure did study, study, study. Although I scored high on the IAs, I recently found out from my coordinator (who is also my IB Biology teacher) that it is the IAs that bring everyone down. I thought that our teachers gave us our final grade, but apparently they are also externally assessed by IB?
  11. At my school, it's never been done, but the course is also condensed into one year and by no means it is an "IB School" (meaning, IB is definitely not the program our school revolves around). So, I continue to wonder, do I attribute this apparent difficulty in earning a 7 to the test itself or to the students taking it (or, of course, both...)? Any opinions from people who have taken the test? Also, our coordinator also said something about blaming Group 4 for her lack of 7s. Does anyone know what she might mean by this?
  12. I took History of the Americas. So...the night before the exam, I took preparing completely into my own hands and, despite the fact that my teacher prepped us to write on Peron/Castro and the Cuban Revolution/Cold War, I decided I didn't want to write on Cold War because I felt my grasp wasn't deep enough. So, without ever learning about it before, I took my textbook and learned the Mexican Revolution. I expected a question on Latin American leaders, a question on Castro, and a question on the Mexican Revolution (each of the ten previous exams I looked at confirmed this). Well...I'm incredibly
  13. I wrote for the poem on TZ1 as well. I was overjoyed after reading it once, recognizing instantly that I had written my TOK essay on this very subject: "Art is a lie..." I talked about the comical situation of how art is supposed to be "experience" like that of real life (living vicariously), but the speaker is creating a poem based on the "experience" of another piece of art, a painting! So his poem is separating from real living just that much more. I described the tone as honest and reflective as well, and discussed how much richer life is in art (more lines, longer sentences in the poem we
  14. Ha, I too almost answered that question, but the word "totalitarian" messed me up, considering I had never heard Castro been described like that. I'm sorry that you teacher didn't make an ideology spectrum and place all the leaders you had studied that year on it, as mine did. But I feel that you won't get a zero, just a low score.
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