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  1. glad to know im not the only one struggling with this IA....ugh! and to the above post, yes an introduction is required. think of this as an essay for any other class.
  2. Haha I have read it, but I'm reading it again because as you've said it is quite the complex piece of literature. I am trying to form a WL1 topic around Madame Bovary, The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea, and possibly The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and thus far, Madame Bovary is the only piece of work that has me a bit unsteady. I will definitely need to read it more than just one or two times haha. Thank you!
  3. This is a book that I recently read for IB and will possibly be writing on for my WL assignments either 1 or 2 so I wanted to get some ideas on what people who have also read this book thought of it. Also, what were some major issues that came up as you read it? What do you think the central meaning is?
  4. i seriously intend on trying that tomorrow! no joke. i take long enough showers that it would actually be beneficial to do so hahahaha
  5. haha you guys are sooo entertaining when i should really be studying for my econ IB exam maybe ill try that idea and see how well it works out. with MY luck, probably not too well
  6. yes I agreee, IB definitely does no compete with the other educational systems that exist in the US in general. it is wayyy more rigorous and while the AP curriculum touches on a lot of the same general topics that the IB does, the IB goes wayyyyy further in depth than AP. Plus, the rigor also comes from all the extras we are required to do in IB that AP kids don't have like testing in every single subject, writing a TOK essay, an EE and doing CAS. When I started as a freshman at my school, there were 120 very qualified and very bright students. They were all the tops of their middle schools,
  7. Hey! I wanted to read up on tips to write a good TOK essay but couldn't find a forum for TOK or anything like that, maybe I just didn't looking the right places? If there isn't a forum, can some of you guys please give some tips you have on how to write a good one? Thanks!
  8. that helps a lot, thank so much! yes i really like this collection of stories too, i just wish i could understand them a tad bit better
  9. yes we also read "Sisters" and "Counterparts" before this one and talked about the point Joyce was trying to make on Dublin at the turn of the century, especially in the other two about Catholicism versus Protestants (Also Ireland, versus Britain). I guess my biggest thing was i didn't really understand what could be the central meaning in the story and how it relates (Little picture/ big picture)
  10. I am doing a practice oral commentary tomorrow on the short story "A Painful Case" by James Joyce and am utterly confused on what to talk about or what its about or how it relates to the big picture. If anyone has read it/studied it, please please help!
  11. yes!! I'd be sure to aim well hehe otherwise it's no fun when was the last time you got a REALLY good night's sleep?
  12. Re-consider HL Math unless you not only really really like math but have a good skill for it. Otherwise you will seriously struggle the way I am. Don't have your excuse me "I want to challenge myself" I did that..
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