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  1. Regarding your EE, you could also choose any two books. Note that literature books are way better as they can be easily analysed compared to other random books. I used Charles Dickens for my EE and I also used two books at that with only comparing as my key goal. If you want, you can focus on literature writers. Hope I helped.
  2. Banned for mentioning what the thread requires.
  3. I agree with Raymi too. We also had a similar problem where out TOK teacher talked more about sex then anything else. Felt like I was in a sex education class. -__- Seek your IB coordinator and let them know.
  4. You should go see your IB coordinator in regards to the plan. Maybe you could ask for permission to take an extra course if you're willing and able to do it.
  5. I can give you tips for Economics HL as I used to do the subject myself. It was a similar matter for me where I would get disappointing grades in my tests but do well during class. So, I approached my teacher and asked him to advise me and point out my problems. He told me my problems were to do with not understanding concepts well and sometimes I wouldn't be direct with my answers. So, I worked on that and managed to do well. My grades increased. What I suggest you do is go to your teacher and ask him to point out what he thinks is letting you down. Then work on that. On a more superficial no
  6. Banned because the person above me is right.
  7. Yes, music is a language. If you turn on your radio and listen to a tune or a beat, you can feel the music pumping and moving through you (unless you have no feelings, but that's beside the point). It describes emotions more than anything else. So, in my opinion, I would say it's a language of emotion. For example, in a movie, they would use all sorts of background music to set the mood and bring out a reaction, an emotion.
  8. Let's define escapism. According to Google: The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, esp. by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. Therefore, after knowing that, I would say yes, escapism is good but only to an extent as it can also be a bad thing. Two sides of the coin to look at here. Looking at entertainment and fantasy, not all of those are good. Let's utilise an example. Say there was someone who had an unpleasant reality, and this particular person finds that cutting oneself is entertainment. So, to this point, it doesn't sound good, does it? On the
  9. Hot because you liked my picture. :3
  10. So apparently this question has a yes and no. Remember to bring both sides, compare, contrast, whatever. Then finally, answer your question. Good luck!
  11. I hope you realise that feeling like this more and more everyday is just going to keep happening, not unless you make a change and decide for yourself that you're going to be strong and be able to cope with the rest of IB and life, for that matter. IB is there to make you stronger as person, intellectually, socially. However, it seems it's causing a bit of a hassle on your part. Do not give up and start distancing yourself away from your peers and teachers. The fact of the matter is that the more you do that, the more you'll find it hard to cope. Keep yourself busy, always stay close to someon
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