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  1. Are we allowed to use fountain pens and ink erasers for these? Or would erasable pens be an option? I just don't like the fact that we're not allowed white-out and want something I can erase and change...
  2. I'm pretty sure I would have enough time, I always had more then 30 minutes left at the end of the mock exams I did. Now I'm a bit confused as I've gotten contradicting responses. Any more views on this? Or does someone actually know for sure if this applies to biology as well? .I mean they couldn't mark me down for answering more questions, right? Thanks guys
  3. Suppose I had enough time in the exam (p2) to respond to 3 essay questions instead of two, would the examiner read all of them and choose the best two? Our biology teacher suggested doing this in order to maximise marks and I just wanted to double check if that's allowed.
  4. Hey everyone, I am currently in the process of selecting my IWB pages that I am going to send to examiner. Now my teacher is not sure whether I should focus on depth and include several pages for a few particular projects or rather show breadth by including a few pages for many projects. Do you know what the exminers prefer? I am doing option B SL, so I get to send in 30 pages but I am really having trouble selecting them. Any help is appreciated! Thanks guys
  5. Hello everyone, I am a bit confused about the marking system for VA. I'm doing Option B SL, so my studio work is my internal assesment right? I was told that the works have to be sent in soonish but I always thought internal assessments are graded by the teacher? What role does the examiner play? Does he/she grade the external assessment ie the IWB then? Hope you can help me clarify this Thanks
  6. Thanks If I only use a domestic one, will it still be fine for the international economics section? Another question: Is it enough to only use 1 diagram for a commentary, especially if that diagram actually stems from a different section than the one I'm focusing on?
  7. Hi everyone I am currently working on a commentary for the international economics section. I chose an article dealing with the new EU carbon tax on airlines. It basically says that every airline flying into or out of the EU needs to pay a tax for carbon dioxide emissions. Now I don't know whether to use a normal tax diagram (like in micro) or a diagram on a tariff (since its kind of protectionism with environmental standards...). Or is it necessary to combine both diagrams because it influences both domestic and world supply? Any halp would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys
  8. I've heard of some schools in Germany doing that. I think its doable if you're really motivated, good at English and if you can handle the extra stress. You shouldn't expect much of a social life though I would try to get your sport courses needed for the Abi to count as CAS and maybe even other subjects you aren't doing for IB. Also, try to keep your HL classes the same as your "Leistungskurse". You're EE could probably be the same as your "Facharbeit" as well. Think about it and only do it if you want to study abroad because German universities really don't care whether you have IB or Abi.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm doing Spanish B HL and I often find it hard to insert conjuntions in some of these paper 1 questions because I simply don't know their meaning. Would anyone happen to have a good list of Spanish conjunctions that could appear? That would help a lot! Thanks
  10. Thanks for the tips! How do you mean try and re-try artworks? I don't think I have the time to do artworks over and over again until they are flawless. Oh and our teacher told us that we shouldn't try too many different media because it is more valuable to go into more depth with only a few different media. I'm a bit confused... Oh and is there like a minimum page number we should have? I know that only 30 are going to be sent away, so why bother to do 3-4 a week?
  11. At our school the past art results were rather disappointing and I heard that it is damn hard to score good easily. I think the highest grade in SL was a 5 and the highest in HL a 4 for this year's graduates. I'm doing option B at SL and was wondering if it is as easy to score at least a 5 in art as it is in other subjects. What do I need to do in order to do well and what does the examiner look for? cheers
  12. Hey, I am a bit confused about the word limit for the WL1. My exams are in 2012. OUr teacher gave us several worksheets for the WL and some say the word limit is 1000-1500 words while others state that 1200-1400 are required. Does anyone know the real figure? Thanks!
  13. check out this website, there are some great examples http://art.shatincollege.edu.hk/main.php?g2_itemId=1984 Hope it helps!
  14. I would switch to English B HL then, which shouldn't be too hard after doing A1. That gives me 10 hours a week at school to work for my A1 self taught thing. Does that sound like too little time or would it be manageble? But thanks for the advice, I'll definitely think it through properly first.
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