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  1. I don't know what to do... I'm in IB, you see, so there's not much flexibility in how I can schedule my classes. My guidance counselor has informed me that, due to the scheduling constraints involved in doing IB, I only have one open block (last block, second semester). The EC that I've focused on my entire high school career (ROTC), that I've given most of my time to, that's supposed to be the centerpiece of my college application, requires that I be involved in a specified course each year to be involved in that extracurricular. Continuing my participation in ROTC promised a variety of leade
  2. The Timeless Shrew! How The Taming of the Shrew and Ten Things I Hate About You illustrate philosophical, psychological, sociological (and even literary) truth, if there ever were such a thing. I expounded on how the two works demonstrate a descriptive moral relativism, evoke questions about universal standards of right and wrong, and provide a good view of the power of the society in determining both how we think and our situation that we're thinking about. I finished off with a theory about a common literary device between the two works where characters were punished via the mechanisms of s
  3. Hi, so my EE topic of choice is the contribution of social relations as a selection pressure to the evolution of human intelligence. It's expected to involve findings from evolutionary, social, and biological psychology, as well as cognitive neuroscience. I'm a bit worried, though, that my talk of evolution and the brain might end up being too much for the scorers. I personally find it hard to discuss the mind without extensive reference to biological processes, but I forsee that becoming a problem. What is the line? How do I make sure my project isn't too interdisciplinary?
  4. So...again. Evolutionary psychology. Supposing my paper will be dense in evolutionary biological material, is it best to avoid it?
  5. You'll do better filing it under cognitive psychology, and yes, it's a fine topic.
  6. While I'm not an EE expert, as an aspiring psychologist and English speaker, your question is unclear. Prima facie, you seem to seek to explain to what extent individuals have executive control over their eating disorder symptoms, but then it gets confusing. Maybe you seek to investigate "What psychological abnormalities are present in an individual with an eating disorder, and how do these affect the individual's environment (especially social relationships)." That sounds about right, more or less. You definitely want to narrow this down to a specific eating disorder, and then to a specific a
  7. In fact, are any topics of evolutionary psychology valid? Since evolutionary theory is necessarily a biological theory, wouldn't the rule against interdisciplinarity prohibit this?
  8. What do you guys think of an examination of the effectiveness of social and ecological hypotheses explaining the evolution of the human brain? I read that Individual research is important for a biological essay. I'm also wondering if evolutionary cognitive neuroscience is too close to psychology. However, my essay will be dense on evolutionary content. And of course — originality and specificity.
  9. I'd kill to be to take Psych HL.
  10. I saw a beautiful set on this torrenting site.
  11. Type then organize it ftw. Even then, I feel like I get little out of it. I mostly just read, think, listen, think...do my homework and make up some, myself. Notes are overrated. I only write what I know I'll forget.
  12. I bootleg my ebooks (¡Viva la informacion libre!) and it's a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, ebooks are convenient. For example, Biology 8th edition is a very heavy book—except when you electronicize it. I get to use my ipad's search function to find information easily. I can read in the dark. I can use the iPad's VoiceOver function to read the book to me. I can copy and paste information. I can annotate it. I don't have to worry about the book wearing down. But on the other hand, now that I'm not carrying books around, less people are aware that I'm smart. Books don't need to be ch
  13. On A days I have Chemistry HN, Bio HL and History HL and TOK. On B days I have Chemistry HN, English HL and Economics SL and TOK. It kind of works, though it overwhelmed me at the beginning (orverwhelming being, for me, grades less than As). Next year is supposed to be a bit more hectic. My schedule doesn't have room for a precal, for example, and I have Math SL next year...
  14. I'm looking for a really cool way to do this project I need to turn in on October 11th. An "Interactive Cell Organelle Project". Ideas? I have to: 1. Draw and label organelles in an interactive way. 2. Describe the functions of each organelle (including APA-formatted sources) 3. Pick 5 of these organelles and describe a disease or condition that is caused by the malfunction of the organelle, (and other things that need not be expressed in full). And then 14 organelles. Whatever. Students determine how they are going to do the things listed above. Only one organelle out of my project will be pr
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