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  1. I agree with you. I hate CAS, and to make things worse, my school is so strict on it. I mean, doing CAS activities are fun but I hate writing reflections and stuff. I think it is a waste of time, having to write so much bs imo.
  2. Definitely economics. Economics is more abstract in my opinion and it is better if you learn it in high school. You can take B&M later if you want to.
  3. Pro: It gets you ready for university Con: Less sleep
  4. ^Math SL may not be easy for some people, but it is the easiest to get a 7 if you have good understanding and do alot of practice, in my opinion. I take chinese B, not much different from mandarin B? i duno
  5. Chem HL is a must, and maths HL is much harder compared to maths SL imo
  6. As long as you are willing to spend time in IB, you will do fine. don't worry
  7. lol..we never had any competition in middle school, cuz we would be calling each other nerds.
  8. Psychology is much more interesting than history, history is boring and alot of reading
  9. Wow. grade 7 is a little bit too early imo, no need to get so competitive. =0
  10. There is so much things to memorize for history and I absolutely hate it. And timelines = useless for me too./ All I do is notetake and highlight stuff from handouts.
  11. I used to do Kung Fu too, but not for CAS =/
  12. There are alot of things in HL that SL doesn't cover. If you are really into math, you should go for it. It is not THAT hard if you put your effort into it.
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