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  1. Speak Swedish and English fairly fluently. Learning German for the past 7 years, and hope that I one day will speak that fluently too. Would love to know any other language, such as French or Spanish.
  2. If I haven't forgotten this completely, we were told to give the final uncertainty without decimals.
  3. Think in terms of strong/weak acid and bases. Was it a negative or positive enthalpy change?
  4. I say, do the subject combinations you like and DON'T do anything just because your parents say so. It's your life, not theirs. If you like economics and business, go for it. I see no reason why it should be a bad idea. IB maths HL is hard, but not impossible and if you like it, do it! When it comes to science, I don't think it matters so much. At SL, both physics and chemistry are fairly easy, especially if you're into maths. but if you like formula and logic, go for physics. Chemistry is a bit miore memorizing.
  5. Predicted grades/Final grades Mathematics SL - 7 Physics SL - 7 Swedish A1 HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 7 German SL - 7 Philosophy HL - 6 EE - B TOK - A Total: 44 Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.) UK University of Aberdeen - Chemistry University of Edinburgh - Chemistry University of Glasgow - Chemistry - Accepted University of St Andrews - Chemistry Strathclyde University - Chemistry
  6. Remember that you can do more than you think you can. One does not have to be the best in the class. Just try to plan your time, so that you can use it efficiently and have time for both studying and leisure. don't freak out and don't do more than one thing at the time. That'll just make you even more stressed out.
  7. Don't worry. The IB is a good programme
  8. A knowledge issue is never specific. So the above KI is not really a good one, but if we instead say "To what extent can we trust historical documents, since history is written by the winners?" we have a good one
  9. You've read a number of books, 3 at SL I believe. You choose one or two of those books and prepare a 10-15 minute speech about something in the book(s). It could be about imagery, narrative technique, a comparison of two characters, the importance of music, the use of metaphors about water, the significance of celestial bodies (that's what I did), etc etc. It depends on your book really, but usually almost anything goes. Just make sure that it is narrow enough. There are several ways of doing the presentation. Either you just stand there and hold a regular speech (like an essay) or you do a c
  10. What amazes me is that even if they require "low" points (30, 32, etc), but they still want 6,6,7 in maths and physics HL.
  11. I usually go for a walk, or practise on my bassoon. It's nice to do something with the body, to avoid restlessness.
  12. I don't remember anything in the criteria about that the topic should be amusing. Ask your teacher hat he means. I don't think you have to change topic, just because it was "boring".
  13. Start with the real life issue, that is the law. Talk about it for a while and make sure that the audience understands it. Then you jump from that to your knowledge issue in a nice way. Evaluate your issue, take some examples, discuss implications and try to reach some sort of answer. Lastly, you take this tentative answer and try to apply it to your real life situation (the law) and try to answer you first question.
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