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  1. how to start learning history from scratch ? what approach should be applied to this discipline? what does it mean to think historically(thinking within discipline)?
  2. well Science ( in general biology,chemistry,physics) , Philosophy and History. I am eager to know how to approach these three in order to well understand the subject and to focus my efforts where it is needed?
  3. hi how to learn any subject from scratch? If you have experimented with this idea then do share resources
  4. Would you like to tell me how did you manage academics and extra curricular activities? Did you prepare to take ibdp or to admit to UWC? if yes then how? Have you studying ib since long i mean IB PYP and IB MYP? if not, then how did your past education help you in ib? well i mean good academic writing,reasoning,language skills?
  5. Thank You for giving me the liberty to ask about UWC. Sorry I could not get back soon due to low internet connectivity. Sorry for the long post that I am about to write. Since I took ibdp before but I found my school very different from what ib means by experiential learning. The school community had no impact on promoting your natural urge to learn. But since I devoted myself to find what it exactly takes to enroll in a diploma programme I stumbled upon UWC. Well I heard that UWC students are more experienced before they come to UWC and definitely after enrolling; as ib does this.' So does th
  6. Has anyone heard about United World College? Mahindra united world college? It is the ib school in India. Does anyone would like to share their views about how much tough it is to study there?
  7. hi I have started this topic because I find myself at the edge where I look for things which I would be doing for the rest of my life.I never got the essential exposure in life and the result is I am not able to say clearly when I was most passionate/committed or enthusiastic about something in life? I found out that I was never creative enough and I have not accomplished anything so far if I assess against ib standards. Well since I left my childhood home I suddenly realise that there should be some meaning to life and my existence.That moment was a spark in me that I should get exposure. Wou
  8. hi does anyone know where I can find ib course companions for free as a e-book/free subscribtion?Because as I am and also you are damn sure that these books are expensive and right now I can not afford to buy them technically.I do not have any ib friends who have taken same subjects as I am willing to do. I really need to have thoes course companions as I want to prepare myself for ib. Can anyone has any suggestion?
  9. thanks but as i searched at my local bookstore they do not have the copy. It's expensive online. Do you have any idea where i can find free ebook of the copy?
  10. It's not everyones' cup of tea to do ib. Well currently I can not afford ib that is why I am trying to apply to school which offers scholarship.Does anyone know about ib helping non-ib students who wish to take ib but can not afford. I personally prefered the selection process should be based on person's aptitude and his ability to survive into ib.What about your country;does ib schools offer scholarship?
  11. computer, as in using the computer in general? like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, etc..? or real computing as in programming, coding, etc? both but first want to start from Ms Word,Ms Excel just to get it clear. I am interested in building my own computer so for that I would like to have knowledge of hardware and software...Its in my nature that I like everything profound but for that I have to start somehow.I prefer a person who is himself computer geek so by working with him I will get familiarise with computer concepts. But I am open to every suggestion.
  12. hi everyone; does anyone knows how to earn money online? Is there any way?
  13. hi ok the school where i am going to apply needs students who are open-minded as in they overcome their fears.I am desperately willing to learn computer.Do you know who can help/where I can find help?Do you know any site about computer stuff? Are you computer geek?
  14. hi thank you very much for your support. But still there is problem as my parents are forcing me to go to the current school or leave ib and go to state board because the new ib school that I have applied for reopens in next march..before that it takes series of interviews.My parents are scared of me as seeing me taking one more gap year.I had been through lots of family problems so I had 2 gap years before.Everytime I have to fight to attend school. Hey there! Just before I give my personal opinion, I am very sorry to hear that you went through such bad circumstances and I hope that whatever
  15. hi thanks to everyone for your support.Still I am in trouble as June has almost finished the new school I have applied for takes applications in September and then call for interview and it almost starts next year.So again a gap of 1year......terrible. My parents are definitely worried about a year gap and they are forcing me to go to current school! otherwise leave ib(they don't knoe anything about ib) and go to "state board"...... hi thank you very much for your support. But still there is problem as my parents are forcing me to go to the current school or leave ib and go to state board b
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