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  1. This is why i hate genetics! OMG! K, yes, D, test crosses cross with a heterozygous recessive form. Sorry. Making the phenotype t correct. Genetics. Ecology Evolution They're going to kill me... lol you and me both
  2. unfortunately the answer is D
  3. Which of the following represents a test cross to determine if phenotype T is homozygous or heterozygous? (Note: allele T is dominant to allele t.) A. Phenotype T crossed with another phenotype T B. Phenotype T crossed with a phenotype T which is homozygous C. Phenotype T crossed with a phenotype T which is heterozygous D. Phenotype T crossed with phenotype t My answer was B but i am wrong, i do not get it
  4. No Drake you seem to have gotten MrFe=55.845 How ?
  5. Also Bromine exists as the isotopes 79Br and 81Br. What is the percentage of 79Br in a sample with a relative atomic mass of 79.9? A. 40 % B. 45 % C. 50 % D. 55 % I think it is 45 but not exactly sure how to do this properly thanks again Drake your awesome
  6. How exactly are you supposed to find your ratio ? Thanks
  7. what is the maximum mass of iron that can be produced from the reduction of 80tonnes of iron(III) oxide (Mr = 160) based on this equations: Fe2O3+3CO -> 2Fe+3CO2 A. 28 tonnes B. 56 tonnes C. 84 tonnes D. 112 tonnes
  8. I have question: 5 dm3 of carbon monoxide, CO (g), and 2 dm3 of oxygen, O2(g), at the same temperature and pressure are mixed together. Assuming complete reaction according to the equation given, what is the maximum volume of carbon dioxide, CO2(g), in dm3, that can be formed? 2CO(g)+O2(g)=2CO2(g) A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 Thanks
  9. I would love to go there when I was in year 8 looking at secondary schools, that was on my list right next to The Canadian Academy in Japan, but I moved to Canada and now reside in lovely Campbell Collegiate
  10. For world Lit 1 I don't think so for World Lit I think you can btw ur only doing your world lits now I finished and handed those things in like 3 months ago lol
  11. Banned for having a cat/Human thing as your picture
  12. I got 62 on the first IB History HL exam on New France it was funny cause that was one of the good marks lol
  13. I just did it Supernovae and their effects on Earth ..... lol most of it was so scientific and theoretical it went over my head, and worst part I had to cover the physics, which was the most complicated and theoretical part of the whole thing, anyway our group, which was awesome got almost full marks like 96 0r 97 % it was like a science fair project
  14. Would Anyone like to give some suggestions, advice critical analysis etc on my IB Biology essay, Thank you : Cancer & Environmental Fact To What Extent do Environmental Factors Affect the Type of Cancer Incurred in Japanese Immigrants to the U.S. in Comparison Japanese populations in Japan Hammerdown
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