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  1. As I was piecing my EE together.. and I notice that much of it is all facts and examples of the topic. I am not entirely sure where the analysis fits in, so could someone give me some tips on that? If it helps my question is "To what extent did the Canadian government restrictive policies on Chinese immigrants have an effect on the formation of Chinese enclaves during the years 1884-1923?”
  2. I'm doing an ib specific lab, if I did external research for my lab, should I use footnotes and biblio? or just biblio? and what format should I put it in? Thanks (:
  3. Oh wow, I didn't even think about that! I had originally assumed that because the china's one child policy was implementwd 10 years ago that it would count. Thank you so much.
  4. I want to write my EE on China's one child policy, and more specfically about the different between female and male ratio in relation to the female infanticide (because they prefer guy more) However, in some of the books that I've read they say that researcher aren't 100% that these three event are related to each other, but a lot of articles put the topics together. Would it still be appropriate if i continue on with this subject/ or should I find a safer ( and less interesting) topic?
  5. hey guys, I was wonder if you have to algebraically show how you found your K L and M, im afraid that i would get marks docked off if I dont.. thanks!
  6. I found my resources, and I wrote out my outline for my HI, but now I don't know what to do. My English is really poor, and the amount of books that I'll have to read for this HI is enormous. I already read 3 thinner books, and working on my 4th one. My problem is, what do I do now? I don't know how to start, or where to start.. =( Do I type out ideas from books, and foot-note them right after? Or Do I just start typing, then footnote them later? Btw, my school wants us to finish our rough draft by the end of December, and will be handed back to us after semester two to do some revising.. Wh
  7. Err.. what exactly is the IA?
  8. My teacher isn't the most helpful person, and an old copy of an HI didn't quite help either. So, my question is.. How do you write a plan of investigation? Is it what you're going to investigate? and How would you go about it? Are there specific criteria that must be met?
  9. I see myself in that position sometime. I loathe waking up and knowing that the whole day is going to be wasted and it's not going to be what it use to be... back when I was happy. I really didn't find a point in life anymore, I lacked friends support because I hid it well, until I started to breaking down everyday, so I started to make up silly excuses to cover for it. I think that the first thing that you should do is to find a good friend to talk to, next talk to the school counselor, and in between those time find something that you truly enjoy and have a passion for (mine is singing and
  10. For me, it's a tie between action and creative. Creative can be hard to find, because there isn't a lot of extra-curricular activities in my school, which supports that, and even harder to find it around the area where I live. Action can be hard for some, especially if you're not as motivated to become fit, or feel like you could use that time for something else (like me. LOL )
  11. What kind of jobs would need physics?
  12. Erm, I'm not a fan of Science, I would much rather just choose one or the other. Taking all three would add to the stress, especially since I'm not a fan of this subject.
  13. Registrations are next week, and I still don't know what to pick between standard level biology, or physics, since chemistry is mandatory. I am not very good in the science field, since I got 73% for my Science 10 mark, and that to me, is pretty much a fail. Now, I have a choice between biology or physics. I am a lot better in physics since it's just math, and less lab work, but I heard that it's the hardest class out of the three. As for biology, I did pretty bad, even though most of it was pretty much review and memorization. The thing is that I'm not sure what I'll be when I grow up, and
  14. Right now, on the fence of quitting IB, because of all these pressures, from IB and other factors that a normal teenager would go through. I talked to my IB coordinators a while ago, and when I asked they about the benefits, they walked around the topic a bit, and wasn't really telling us the actual benefits of IB. This is what I know, for a fact.. IB allows you to skip one year of university, and prepares you for the stress and study habits of university. Another benefit is increase of knowledge throughout highschool. Anything else?
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